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Livestock Recovery Takes More than Dollars and Cents

Day by day, we’re getting a clearer picture of the extent of livestock losses from the epic storm that struck western South Dakota and Nebraska. 

Black BaldyAs our financial officers meet with customers, I’m reminded that recovery isn’t as easy as simply buying more cows. In many cases, ranchers spend years building their operations, carefully refining the genetics, culling their herds, and selecting replacements that will thrive in their specific environment.

The toll of recent losses goes beyond financial impact. Livestock producers have a connection to their animals and a pride in their work that’s found in few other industries. Outside of their own families, there’s nothing a rancher is more proud of than the cattle they develop in their operations. Although extremely humble you can see this
pride on their faces and in their hearts.   

There is a special bond that is created as cattle producers bear all manner of conditions to nurture and care for their herds. Now is the time to do all we can to help them recover not just their financial stability but also their sense of pride and their way of life. 


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