March 5, 2024

Projected Price Announced

Corn, Soybeans, Spring Wheat

March 15, 2024

Sales Closing Date & Purchase / Cancellation / Transfer / Change Date

Corn, Soybeans, Spring Wheat

July 1, 2024

Premium Billing Date

Winter Wheat

July 15, 2024

Acreage Report Deadline

Corn, Soybeans, & Spring Wheat

Trigger Yield Calculator

Trigger yields assist producers with crop insurance and risk management decisions. Understanding what will trigger loss payments is an important part of choosing the correct level of crop insurance coverage.

The results provided by this tool are for estimation purposes only; actual loss triggers may vary. Contact your Farm Credit Services of America insurance officer for more information.

Crop Insurance Podcasts

Members of our experienced crop insurance team discuss how crop insurance and marketing goals can work together to provide the best financial return. Listen to our audio programs to learn more.



Moisture adjustment is applied prior to applying any qualifying quality adjustment factors such as test weight, kernel damage, etc.

Fall price discovery takes place every August/September. During the survey period, market expectations for prices are averaged to determine the fall crop insurance price. When combined with a farmer’s yield history, the fall prices and yield determine the level of revenue protection available during the crop year. Follow the page for daily updates through Sept. 14.


With the Revenue Protection plan, a price guarantee is set in both the spring (Projected) and fall (Harvest). Your final Revenue Guarantee is based on the higher of the spring or fall price. See how prices change from the time they are set before planting until harvest with our price history chart.

Projected Corn Price History
Year Price
'14 4.62
'15 4.15
'16 3.86
'17 3.96
'18 3.96
'19 4.00
'20 3.88
'21 4.58
'22 5.90
'23 5.91
Harvested Corn Price History
Year Price
'14 3.49
'15 3.83
'16 3.49
'17 3.49
'18 3.68
'19 3.90
'20 3.99
'21 5.37
'22 6.86
'23 4.88
Projected Soybean Price History
Year Price
'14 11.36
'15 9.73
'16 8.85
'17 10.19
'18 10.16
'19 9.54
'20 9.17
'21 11.87
'22 14.33
'23 13.76
Harvested Soybean Price History
Year Price
'14 9.65
'15 8.91
'16 9.75
'17 9.75
'18 8.60
'19 9.25
'20 10.55
'21 12.30
'22 13.81
'23 12.84
Projected Winter Wheat Price History
Year Price
'14 7.11
'15 6.41
'16 5.34
'17 4.74
'18 5.06
'19 5.84
'20 4.35
'21 4.98
'22 7.10
'23 8.77
'24 7.38
Harvested Winter Wheat Price History
Year Price
'14 6.43
'15 5.43
'16 4.15
'17 5.06
'18 5.14
'19 4.40
'20 4.44
'21 6.34
'22 8.72
'23 8.42

Calculation Periods

Find the commodity exchange price calculation periods for various crops.



  • Commodity Exchange: Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT)
  • Contract Month: December
  • Projected Price: February average daily settlement price
  • Harvest Price: October average daily settlement price


  • Commodity Exchange: CBOT
  • Contract Month: November
  • Projected Price: February average daily settlement price
  • Harvest Price: October average daily settlement price


Find common abbreviations and acronyms used to describe crop insurance plans and details.
  • Abbrev. Term
  • AF Annual Forage
  • AIP Approved Insurance Provider
  • APH Actual Production History
  • APHTH Actual Production History Transfer History
  • AR Acreage Report
  • ARD Acreage Reporting Date
  • ARPI Area Risk Protection Insurance
  • BFR Beginning Farmer and Rancher
  • BP Common Crop Insurance Policy Basic Provisions
  • BU Basic Unit

Crop Insurance Information

Crop Insurance and Grain Marketing: Are You Taking Advantage?
Crop insurance and marketing goals can work together to provide the best financial return.
RPowerD and MPowerD
Crop insurance option designed to provide opportunities to potentially establish a higher guaranteed revenue – or margin.
Supplemental Coverage Option
Crop insurance option provides additional coverage for a portion of an underlying crop insurance policy deductible
Farm Program Decision: ARC vs. PLC
Price Loss Coverage (PLC) vs. Agriculture Risk Coverage (ARC)-County vs. ARC-Individual – is an annual decision now.
Enhanced Coverage Option for Crop Insurance
Enhanced Coverage Option is area-based coverage that can be added on top of individual crop insurance coverage.
Precision Farming Data for Crop Insurance
Report your crop insurance acreage from your planter seat using your precision data.
Multi-county Enterprise Unit Endorsement
Contact your local FCSAmerica insurance agent to learn if the new MCEU would be advantageous to your operation.
Crop Insurance: Getting the Right Coverage
Learn why choosing a farm lender is important to getting the right crop insurance plan.
Grain Marketing Survey: Midwest Farmer Practices
To shed some light on grain marketing practices, FCSAmerica commissioned a survey of more than 600 Corn Belt producers. The full report reveals insights into the tools and strategies of farmers who are satisfied with their grain marketing practices.

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