An educational meeting featuring forecasts, information and insights to help producers plan and reduce risk for the upcoming crop year.

Making The Most Of The Year Ahead.

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Thank you for your interest. GrowingOn® 2023 has concluded. Recordings of the presentations are available below.

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Naomi Blohm 

Naomi Blohm

Grain Marketing Outlook for 2023

Successful grain marketing hinges on understanding your local marketplace as well as the global functions of supply and demand. Ms. Blohm discusses the current commodity supply and demand trends and price scenarios.

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brent gloy 

Dr. Brent Gloy

Hold On - The Volatility Continues

Dr. Gloy unpacks the chaos of global grain stocks, production costs, geopolitics, energy markets and the overall macroeconomy by reviewing strategies to position your farm for success.

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Steve Johnson 

Dr. Steve Johnson

Managing Crop Revenue and Margin Risks

Longtime GrowingOn presenter Dr. Steve Johnson explores seasonal futures, price and basis trends, estimating crop costs and break-evens, risk management tools and outlook for crop futures prices.

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Ben_Laine Web 

Ben Laine

Risks and Rewards for the Dairy Industry

Exports are critical for maintaining high milk prices, but geopolitical risk is elevated. On the domestic front, milk markets continue to evolve and there is potential for federal milk marketing order changes. What does all this mean for dairy producers? Laine looks at the long-term demand and demographic trends and the risk and rewards to watch for in a volatile export market.

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Dave_Weaber Web 

Dave Weaber

Drought Reduced Cattle Inventories: Opportunities and Risks During Rebuilding

Drought has impacted cattle numbers. Mr. Weaber discusses the impact of tightening inventories and higher prices, as well as the implications that expanding plant capabilities have on producers as they rebuild herds. He also looks at demand in a potentially recessionary market.

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When Will Decline in Swine Numbers End?

Mr. Weaber looks at the drivers shaping the pork industry, including high grain prices and the cost and construction challenges of building barns, as well as slower exports. California Proposition 12 and Massachusetts Question 3 are discussed as well.

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