Unique offering that provides valuable insights on economic factors, trends and agricultural markets.

Farm Credit Services of America is pleased to sponsor Terrain – a unique offering that provides valuable insights on economic factors, trends and agricultural markets.

Terrain is a free offering for the customer-owners of Farm Credit Services of America, Frontier Farm Credit and American AgCredit.

Terrain analysts and economists have a deep understanding of agriculture and share their knowledge and insights through reports, videos, presentations and more.

Watch the video to learn more. Visit the Terrain website at Terrainag.com.

2023 Third Quarter Reports

Overview of the factors shaping agriculture for the last half of 2023

Economic Summary

Our Terrain analysts see tailwinds ahead for U.S. exports. Read here to learn where the U.S. dollar is likely headed and what it could mean for U.S. agricultural exports. Read more ›


If volatility is a grain marketer’s friend, 2023 is proving very friendly for corn growers. The beneficiaries will be those who are decisive and can put hope aside to grab opportunity as it comes. Read more ›


In addition to the usual weather risks, the soybean market faces significant demand-side volatility. Read more ›


Wheat prices will be supported by tight supplies, domestically and globally. But poor exports and a non-competitive U.S. wheat price will keep a lid on prices. Read more ›


Prop 12 became law in California on July 1. Its impact will be felt nationwide by all participants in the swine industry. Read more ›


All classes of cattle are rallying on tighter supplies. Wholesale beef and fed cattle prices likely will overperform on previous expectations in the wake of California Prop 12 – at least in the near term. But producers need to be mindful of headwinds. Read more ›


Current milk prices are well below break-even levels for almost all producers. Those who took advantage of risk management tools have fared better to this point, but many may be less protected heading into the last half of 2023. Read more ›

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