Agricultural Sustainability

As a mission-driven financial cooperative, we believe in partnering with our customer-owners to build sustainable futures.


Supporting and enabling our customer-owners to achieve their goals of greater sustainability.

Sustainability begins with economic viability. That is why FCSAmerica is here – to ensure farmers and ranchers have access to credit and risk management tools in good and tough times.

Producers also understand their livelihood depends on good stewardship and have long worked to leave something better for future generations. FCSAmerica is here to support customer-owners as they build more sustainable operations. Through education, collaboration, industry partnerships and more, FCSAmerica is helping make agriculture stronger for today and tomorrow.

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Our focus on environmental sustainability is a natural outgrowth of our long-standing support for the economic, generational and social well-being of our customer-owners and their rural communities.

Soil health, reduced reliance on natural and man-made resources, lower carbon emissions – sustainability takes many forms. And as consumers, policymakers and investors increasingly look to agriculture to help solve environmental problems, farmers and ranchers face opportunities and unknowns. Our approach is to help producers make sense of both.

As a producer-owned cooperative, we finance and insure agriculture as it comes. To that end, we do not and will not prescribe production methods; those are individual choices left up to each customer.


Educate customers about trends, issues, and opportunities.


Enable customers to participate in climate-smart practices through specialized products and programs.


Engage with other organizations to collaborate on new opportunities in sustainable agriculture where our funding, expertise and/or resources can bring value to our customers, associations, and industry.

"We want to be here not for just the next generation but the generation after that so that means healthy soils. That means healthy people."

Shanon and Melinda

Beef Producers, Wyoming

Shanon and Melinda

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FCSAmerica serves farmers, ranchers, agribusinesses and rural residents in Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota and Wyoming. For inquiries outside this geography, use the Farm Credit Association Locator  to contact your local office.