As a mission-driven financial
cooperative, we are owned and
governed by our customers. Explore
what makes our cooperative unique.


Customer Ownership

Our customer-owners have a voice in guiding our business. Explore profiles of farmers and ranchers who make up the Association.

Meet Jared & Michaela

Grain & Beef Producers
Bertrand, NE
Customers since 2012

"FCSAmerica has helped me build up my farm from nothing. They help me make good investments for my farm and my family.”

Meet Bryan & Mindy

Grain & Beef Producers
Alpena, SD
Customers since 1999

"Over the years, we’ve built a relationship with FCSAmerica, and the people there are the reason I stay.”

Meet Randy & Sandra

Grain & Beef Producers
Alpena, SD
Customers since 1969

"I wish everybody could enjoy their occupation like I do. It makes the hard work rewarding.”

Meet Jeff & Shelane

Grain & Beef Producers
Hereford, SD
Customers since 2010

"We are very thankful for FCSAmerica. They are very much a part of our business and the decisions we make.”

Meet Chris & Nicole

Grain & Beef Producers
Early, IA
Customers since 2009

"Carrying on the family farm is a big responsibility. I want to grow our farm if the opportunity arises, because I want our kids to be able to come back and experience this.”

Meet Nick & Katie

Grain & Beef Producers
Story City, IA
Customers since 2008

"I like the fact Farm Credit is a member-owned cooperative. We’ve got a little skin in the game and at the end of the year we get a cash-back dividend.”

Cash-Back Dividends

We offer a patronage program that returns earnings to eligible customer-owners through cash-back dividends. Each year, our customer-elected Board of Directors determines the amount distributed.

Our ability to consistently pay a cash-back dividend reflects a remarkable financial strength. In fact, the Board of Directors intends to pay a cash-back dividend equal to 0.90% of a customer’s eligible average daily loan balance for the 2018 fiscal year and beyond – the largest payout since the program began.

Cash-Back Dividends in Basis Points

Cash-Back Dividends in Basis Points
Year Millions
2016 69
2017 82
2018 90
2019 Target 90
2020 Target 90


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FCSAmerica serves farmers, ranchers, agribusinesses and rural residents in Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota and Wyoming. For inquiries outside this geography, use the Farm Credit Association Locator  to contact your local office.