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The Side by Side Digital - a podcast series tackles topics geared toward young and beginning producers. Each episode, we invite Farm Credit and ag industry experts to share their insights on financial management, business outlooks, transition planning and more.

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Working On vs In the Business

It’s easy to get bogged down in the day-to-day tactical pieces of running a farm or ranch. It’s important to make time for strategic thinking and writing down those big goals that you have in mind for your operation. Tune in as Bob Campbell, senior vice president - lending, walks through how to develop a strategic mindset focused on moving your business forward.

Our Rural 1st® experts explore topics related to buying, building and financing homes in rural areas. Our consumer lending team understands agriculture and the unique lending needs of self-employed borrowers.

Unveiling Key Financial Metrics for Rural Home Financing

Tune in for this insightful discussion with credit analyst Jen Goodman while we explore the financial metrics that are crucial for analyzing repayment in rural home financing. Gain valuable insights into the four key financial statements that shape loan approvals and discover why understanding a farmer's financial position is essential for a suitable mortgage.

Members of our experienced crop insurance team discuss how crop insurance and marketing goals can work together to provide the best financial return. Listen to our audio programs to learn more.

Margin Protection for your 2023 Crop

Learn more about Margin Protection scenarios and why now is good time to take advantage of the current price environments for your 2023 crop.

Margin Protection Part 1

Learn more about how Margin Protection (MP) can provide coverage against an unexpected decrease in operating margin.

Margin Protection Part 2

Learn more about leveraging insurance products like Margin Protection to lock-in minimum revenue guarantees.

Margin Protection Part 3

Learn more about opportunities to take advantage of current price environments for your 2022 crop.

Pre-harvest Marketing

Learn how pre-harvest marketing fits with your crop insurance and operation.

Crop Hail

Learn more about crop hail options and endorsements to best fit your risk management needs.

Farm Bill Decision: ARC vs. PLC

As you consider your annual farm program decision for the season ahead, learn more about the changes for 2021.

Endorsements and Supplementals

Learn more about options to stack additional coverage on top of existing insurance policies.

Private Products

Learn more about insurance products that provide additional coverage to your multi-peril insurance.


Learn more about the WHIP+ program, including requirements, eligibility, payment structure and how to apply.

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