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Remote Deposit

Remotely scan and apply checks as payments to your WorkSmart® line of credit from your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Remote Deposit Saves Time and Money

Applying checks by Remote Deposit to your WorkSmart® operating line of credit can save days over mailing and hand-delivery — minimizing time and interest expense.

$6.2 million in savings in 2023.

FCSAmerica customers saved more than $6.2 million in 2023 by using Remote Deposit.*

$9.65 savings per check.

On average, FCSAmerica customers saved $9.65 per check in interest from faster processing.*

*Comparison based on estimated three-day average delay per deposit for postage and processing.

How Remote Deposit Works

Scan and apply checks, including third-party checks, from your computer, smartphone or tablet — anytime, anywhere and without maximum limits — directly into your WorkSmart operating line of credit as a payment.

Using your desktop check scanner or mobile device camera, the Remote Deposit tool captures an image of your check as well as account and routing information. Both options allow you to scan checks remotely and view history. The desktop check scanner option allows you to access activity reports.

Payments received by 3:00 p.m. Central Time are credited the same day to stop interest accrual.

person holding phone with remote deposit app on screen

Start Saving Today

Remote Deposit is available free of charge with no monthly access or transaction fees.

To use Remote Deposit, download FCSAmerica® Mobile or contact your local office to set it up through AgriPoint® using a desktop check scanner.

Download FCSAmerica Mobile today.

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Remote Deposit Frequently Asked Questions

You will see the deposit credited to your account in Account Access once it has been accepted. The deposit will typically be visible the same business day unless the deposit is made after 3:00 p.m. CT. Any pending or rejected deposit will not be visible in Account Access.

Once your deposit has been accepted, the check will appear in the remote deposit history in the app. Additionally, the deposit will typically be visible the same business day in Account Access unless the deposit is made after 3:00 p.m. CT.

If you would like to receive email notifications, you may opt-in when depositing the check by selecting ‘Allow confirmation and status update emails’ on the submission screen in the app.

Regardless of whether you have opted-in to receive email updates, if your remote deposit is rejected, you will receive an email regarding this status.

If you do not see record of your deposit in the app’s remote deposit history, your check is either still pending acceptance or has been rejected. Only checks that have been successfully accepted will show in this view.

If your check has been rejected, check for the following issues::

  1. Verify the text on the check is clear and unobscured. Ensure there is a MICR number (routing and checking account numbers) on the bottom of the check. Try and resubmit your deposit.
  2. Check your remote deposit history to ensure the rejected check wasn’t previously deposited.
  3. Call the customer support at 877-348-3810 for additional assistance.

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