Governance Elections

Customer elections are held annually for members of our Board of Directors and Nominating Committee.


Directors are elected annually on a staggered basis. Nominating Committee members are elected to a one-year term annually. Candidates elected in this election will begin their terms on April 1, 2022.

Eligible voters as of December 31, 2021, will be mailed ballots on February 25, 2022, and may vote online or by mail.

Ballot submission deadline:

  • March 16, 2022 at 12:00 p.m. Central Time

Ballots must be received by this date and time to be counted.

Voters can direct FCSAmerica to donate up to $30 to state FFA or 4-H organizations within our chartered territory for each valid ballot received prior to the submission deadline. We encourage you to take this opportunity to vote!


Race 1: 3-Year Term

dana morgan

Dana P. Morgan

Residence and business located in Corning, Iowa

Birth Year: 1980

Occupation: Farming and Ranching
My wife, Dena, and I feed cattle in Iowa, Nebraska and Kansas. We operate a cow-calf operation and run grass cattle under Morgan Land & Cattle Co. We have a farming partnership with Turner Farms Partnership that is a row crop, hay and cow-calf enterprise. Our land holding company Morgan Brothers LLC is with my brother and his wife. Our rental property business is Bragg & Morgan LLC. I am the commercial manager for New Balance Commodities, a division of Balance4ward.

Iowa State University, B.S. Agriculture

Current Leadership:
Director, Southwest Iowa Rural Electric Cooperative
Director and Business Risk Committee Member, Farm Credit Services of America Board


Farm Credit Services of America will need to grow the infrastructure to support the needs of the current and future wave of rural America. In the past year I have learned a tremendous amount about the Association and continue to learn more. We face tough decisions, with healthy debates on issues, but when a decision is made, we are unified. I am proud of the work of the Board and the Association, and I want to continue to represent our members in the future.


At New Balance, I have held multiple leadership roles, including business director, sales manager and many others. One of the best skills I have learned is to identify and encourage the strengths of my teammates to better the company. I understand I may not be the best suited for each situation; however, I can seek others’ input and intuition to help make the best decision for the good of the process. We strive for win-win results for all parties involved, as it creates a catalyst of trust for the next opportunity.


Strategic Planning: One of the principles we have used in our business and personal lives is the Entrepreneurial Operating System® Traction process developed by Gino Wickman. His practices were partially derived from the book/program “Good to Great.” The process allows you to set a three-year plan annually and adjust the plan quarterly. When life or the market presents a curveball, you go back to the one- and three-year plan and adjust your 90-day plan to meet the long-term goal. This rolls up into a 10-year goal and provides clarity in our personal and professional lives.

Corporate Governance: Boards play an integral role in monitoring and developing internal corporate governance in conjunction with management. It is the role of management to deliver results, serve members and maximize efficiencies. Boards minimize risk by holding management accountable to policies and guidelines. Our alliance with Frontier Farm Credit provides unique opportunities but also has a high standard to ensure we follow regulations.

Financial Reporting: Our cattle feeding and commodity business use both cash and accrual accounting. We produce monthly financials that are audited. We use productivity ratios and set goals quarterly. The rural electric board I sit on reviews monthly financials and provides training on key metrics. We review performance at every Association Board meeting and focus on at least one sector of the business in more detail. Directors ask questions and challenge leaders on how to grow the business.

Business Technology: Farm Credit Services of America is a leader in the area in ag lending. We must continue to provide technology to meet the needs of current and prospective members. The Association can assist members with more real-time information and calculators to make better decisions faster. We must continue to invest in cyber security to protect systems and customer information. In our operation, we look at how investments will provide a return on investment and the time it will take to achieve that return.

Risk Management: Serving on the Association Board Business Risk Committee has been insightful on learning about the different sectors of agriculture served. We always look for ways we can minimize risk — from security breaches to poor-performing loans. We have used minimum price contracts, spreads and crushes on the Board of Trade to hit profitable levels. We shoot for acceptable returns, not home runs. Our marketing plans have checks and balances to hold each other accountable and take the emotion out of decisions.

Talent Management: In the right culture, people will rise and compete for more responsibility. This culture must be based on trust and being candid. We also need to reward our employees for hitting results, and find the best leaders both internally and externally. When we take more time to understand their goals, individuals become productive, long-term team members.

Jason Schwenneker

Jason Schwenneker

Residence in Ankeny, Iowa, and business in Audubon and Guthrie Counties, Iowa

Birth Year: 1978

Occupation: CEO/General Manager, Northern Country Cooperative
As CEO of Northern Country Cooperative, I oversee operations for multiple locations serving farmer members throughout northern Iowa and southern Minnesota. Prior to this role, I spent several years in the renewable fuels industry. While I have served in a few agribusiness roles, I am most proud of my family farm operation shared with my brother in western Iowa where we grew up.

Iowa State University, Executive MBA and B.S. Agricultural Business
The University of Chicago Booth School of Business, Advanced Management Program
Iowa Lakes Community College, Associate of Science

Current Leadership:
CEO, Northern Country Cooperative
Export & Grain Trade Committee, Iowa Corn Growers Association


I would value serving Farm Credit Services of America for the same reasons I started doing business with the Association. I know they have the producer’s best interest at heart. I believe my skillset and background, both on and off the farm, would provide value to the Association’s Board as they navigate the years ahead for our ever-changing industry.


In addition to growing our family operation, I have always maintained an off-farm job closely related to agriculture. All these opportunities required reporting and accountability to an overseeing board of directors. Specifically, today, and when I was part of growing a company in the early stages of the biofuels industry, I had an active role in reporting to the board on financial results, sales, risk, legal, business development, compliance and trading, as well as relationship management with leadership.


Strategic Planning: I have initiated strategy sessions and moderated the planning and execution process of strategy planning within different roles held. Another metric for short- and long-term planning includes key performance indicators for business and individuals, formulating a strategy, reviewing the plan by evaluating the previous period and looking at key factors that influenced the outcome. My experience thus far has shown me that you are always adjusting the process for improvement.

Corporate Governance: My experience with corporate governance has been in terms of the board’s responsibility to guide and steer the company in the direction that aligns with the company’s vision, mission and long-term plans. In most cases, it is simply guiding executive leadership and staying aligned with the company’s goals to ensure success and growth.

Financial Reporting: My background gravitates me toward the numbers and results. I have developed forward-looking fiscal guidance to review financial performance as part of company-wide budgeting processes. I have been fortunate to experience some amazing corporate growth trajectories, including being part of a small private company that now can be found on the public stock exchange. My current role is no different in that we are focused on performance and financial returns to our stakeholders.

Business Technology: I have been part of teams that have brainstormed ideas for new programs/systems to improve functionality and achieve business operational goals. There will always be struggles of acceptance, adoption and cost of implementation, but the need for information and how it has been delivered is increasingly optimized each day. Organizations and leaders must continue to evolve alongside technology to ensure we are fulfilling the needs of the customer and the longevity of the business.

Risk Management: I feel risk management is my greatest business strength. In my roles both on and off the farm, I’ve had the opportunity to hone my skillset in this area and successfully oversee accounts for fuels, crops and livestock, all of which are integral to the farmer members. I began my professional career merchandising grains, grew to managing sales and trading for a large company, have written risk management policies and lead risk committees.

Talent Management: I understand that human capital is critical and important for organizations to recognize the value individuals bring. Many of the organizations I have been part of have utilized different ways to measure talent, from scorecards to key performance indicators. I believe succession planning is critically important for business continuity and longevity, and is especially important for farming and agribusiness.


Race 2: 4-Year Term

Lindsay Greiner

Lindsay Greiner

Residence and business located in Keota, Iowa

Birth Year: 1960

Occupation: Farming
I farm with my wife, my son and his wife. We grow corn, soybeans and contract feed pigs.

Worldwide College of Auctioneering, graduate
National Honor Society, member

Current Leadership:
President, Lin-Shell Corporation


I have been a Farm Credit Services of America customer for many years and consider doing business with them as one of the best things I have done. I believe in the Farm Credit System and the value it provides to its members. I believe with my years of experience, I could be a valuable member of the Board and would appreciate the chance to serve.


Over the years, I have served on several local, state and national boards. I was president of the Iowa Soybean Association and the local school board, and vice president of the Iowa Foundation for Agricultural Advancement, a charitable organization associated with the Iowa State Fair. I believe serving on these boards has made me an effective leader and prepared me to be a good member of other boards.


Strategic Planning: I have been involved with strategic planning with our local co-op, school board, the Iowa Soybean Association and the United Soybean Board. This process is important to set the direction the business will go in the future. Strategic planning is a group effort by the board with a forward-thinking mindset to position the business to be successful in the future.

Corporate Governance: Good governance by the board is critical to the organization. This is achieved by providing oversight of financial activities, the mission and goals set by the strategic plan. A good working relationship between the board and CEO is also important.

Financial Reporting: I served one year as Treasurer of the Iowa Soybean Association Board. When dealing with financials, it is the job of the entire board to oversee that the financial position of the organization remains strong so you can continue to serve customers in the manner they are accustomed to.

Business Technology: I have experience with technology on the farm and other boards. I have used Diligent Board books, Concur expense reporting, Directors Desk® board portal and, in the last year, a lot of Zoom and Microsoft Teams meetings. I would not say I am an expert in technology but do have quite a bit of experience with various forms of technology.

Risk Management: I do risk management every day on the farm. I have also been involved in risk management on other boards. Risk management is something that is ongoing. You have to constantly look ahead for possible threats and develop a plan to avoid or limit potential problems.

Talent Management: I have worked with employees in other organizations and on the farm. Human capital is the most important part of any business. Attracting and keeping good employees is important. This is accomplished by having a clear job description and awarding good job performance.

susan voss

Susan K. Voss

Residence and business located in North English, Iowa

Birth Year: 1964

Occupation: Certified Public Accountant
I am transitioning my career from public accounting to a controllership in a privately owned, community-minded group of affiliated businesses, which includes a farming operation.

My husband, son, daughter-in-law and I own and operate a farm producing corn, beans and hay with a cow-calf operation.

University of Northern Iowa, BA Accounting / subsequent CPA certification
FCCS Premier Governance Series (PGS), Director certification

Current Leadership:
Director and Human Capital Committee Chair, Farm Credit Services of America Board
Director and Human Capital Committee Member, Farm Credit Foundations Board
Vice President/Secretary/Treasurer, BS Farms, Inc. and BS Lands, LLC


I am driven to be a contributor to the agricultural community. My years of varied experiences provide value in the boardroom. I support the cooperative business model and want to serve the members as we work through changes in the financing needs of farmers, ranchers, agribusinesses, the economy, the political environment, and the operating structures of the Farm Credit System, the Association, and its members in a safe and sound way.


I have held many leadership roles in school, nonprofits, local communities and within my profession. The best example is the role I have had on this Board, which has broadened my perspective on strategy at a whole new level as you listen, watch, train, learn and participate with other Directors, members, and leadership teams here and nationally with similar visions.


Strategic Planning: My career in public accounting allowed me to be a strategic planner and contributor with client operations and agribusinesses, including startups, operational decisions, investing opportunities, and anticipated or immediate succession planning. As a CPA, strategic planning has been a part of my varied experiences as a firm owner, audit partner, senior tax manager, business unit director and office manager. My background is full of strategic knowledge coming from training and real-life experiences within our farm operation and that of others. These experiences have helped me be a contributing Association Board member where strategic planning and implementation is a purposeful and continuing process.

Corporate Governance: I have been trained in governance and the component pieces that create a strong governing body. Governance defines the operating structure for the Board and the Association. I served on the Association’s Governance Committee in the past. My experiences include contributing to creating, updating and implementing policy. The structure of the Board and the Strategic Alliance with Frontier Farm Credit has been an education in governance like no other, preparing us all for future decisions.

Financial Reporting: Performance and the reporting of results are second nature to me. I am a past audit partner. I have experience in analytics and the reasonability of measurement. I am familiar with financial statement reading, reporting and disclosure. My knowledge, experience and education in this area are extensive inside and outside the Farm Credit Services of America arena.

Business Technology: I have spent my career working with technology and learning its benefits and challenges. The Association is continually addressing strategic initiatives to perform business operations as well as assist members with their needs. I am educated as a user and recently attended PGS cybersecurity training to further my knowledge as a Director to recognize cyber risk potential.

Risk Management: My risk management/oversight experiences come from working with business, farm operations and the changing environment. It became much broader becoming familiar with the risks within this large financial institution. I believe being prepared to assess risk requires experience and continuous education of the environment.

Talent Management: I am the chair of the Association’s Human Capital Committee. Attracting, hiring, compensating, developing and retaining team members is an investing strategy for the Association. I am well-educated in this area and have experiences from years of managing people. I am driven to successfully continue current committee goals, which includes understanding and improving our environment of diversity, equity and inclusion.

Race 3: 4-Year Term

jon cosby

Jon Cosby

Residence in Lincoln, Nebraska, and business in Adams, Nebraska

Birth Year: 1979

Occupation: Agribusiness
I am the chief financial officer for an agribusiness company, more specifically an ethanol company. On an annual basis, we grind grain and produce renewable fuel, distillers grains and other value-added agricultural products. Our business is dependent on the farmers we buy grain from, the ranchers we sell distillers grains to and the overall well-being of agriculture.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln, MBA Agribusiness
Brigham Young University, B.S. Management/Finance emphasis
Certified Public Accountant (inactive)
Certified Managerial Accountant

Current Leadership:
Chief Financial Officer (CFO), E Energy Adams, LLC & E Energy Adams Exports Inc.
Vice Chair, Renewable Fuels Nebraska (RFN) Board
Advisory Committee Member, Enterprise Risk Management Board


I want to serve as a Director for Farm Credit Services of America because I believe I can bring value to the boardroom. With my experience as a chief financial officer and board member, I have a strong leadership and financial background. With that, I would contribute to Farm Credit Services of America’s mission to be agriculture’s most valued financial partner. I also want to serve because I believe I can represent agriculture well; we need strong farmers, ranchers and agribusinesses.


As a CFO, I have actively participated in board and board committee meetings. I also serve as director for RFN and, in that capacity, I’ve been the board treasurer and am currently the board vice chair. I had the opportunity to see the boardroom from the perspectives of both management and director, and I recognize the value of facilitating a strong relationship between management and directors.


Strategic Planning: I have participated in many strategic planning sessions as both management and director. I know how management and directors can work together in strategy sessions to identify organizational strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, as well as use that information to establish a strategic direction. In addition, being in management, I have the experience and perspective of executing on strategies set by the board.

Corporate Governance: I have studied corporate governance, including best practice materials from the National Association of Corporate Directors. As a CFO, I helped develop policies for our board of directors. As RFN treasurer, I developed policies and procedures for accounting and payment processes. As an RFN director, I collaborated with management to clearly define and distinguish authority delegated to management and decision-making authorities retained by the board.

Financial Reporting: I have participated in audit committee meetings where we monitor financial reporting. As a CFO, my work has focused on improving financial reporting and developing strategic reports for the board. Strategic reporting helps guide current and future decisions to allocate limited resources (financial and human) in order to grow the business and meet the needs of customers. I have created strategy scorecards that track progress on key metrics that drive overall strategy.

Business Technology: In my current role, I oversee information systems and cybersecurity. I work closely with the various departments in our organization to develop an integrated systems approach for our business. My focus is to utilize technology to help meet the overall organization’s strategy.

Risk Management: As a CFO, most of my time is spent developing financial analyses that estimate risk/reward and help support the strategic decision-making process. Over the years, I have participated in board risk management committee meetings. Also, I was recently elected to serve on the board advisory committee of Enterprise Risk Management, an insurance captive that focuses on mitigating the risk of property damage, general liability and regulatory noncompliance.

Talent Management: We often talk about safeguarding company assets. But that must include active engagement with people and culture. I have been leading and managing people almost my entire career. I have found that making an impact on an organization has less to do with what I know, say and do, and more to do with who I am and how I interact with others. In other words, I believe a good company culture is made up of individuals being good examples and building strong working relationships with each other.

Duane Kristensen

Duane Kristensen

Residence and business in Minden, Nebraska

Birth Year: 1956

Occupation: Owner-operator of a diversified agricultural operation
Principal crops are corn, soybeans and potatoes. Principal livestock operation is cow-calf.

Retired General Manager/Vice President of the Chief Industries Ethanol Division

University of Nebraska-Lincoln, B.S. Agricultural Economics

Current Leadership:
Board Member, American Coalition for Ethanol
Executive Board Member, Nebraska Alumni Association
Board Member, Hastings Economic Development Corporation
Member, Ag Builders of Nebraska
Ethanol A Team Member, U.S. Grains Council
Board Member, Renewable Fuels Nebraska
President, Kristensen Enterprises, LLC
President, Gran Boi, LLC


Farm Credit Services of America provides an integral financial component to the agricultural community. Agriculture is a constantly evolving industry that has new innovations and technologies being introduced at an exciting rate. I would enjoy facing the challenges that will be a part of the future of agriculture through an active involvement with Farm Credit Services of America.


I grew up working on our family farm and have been farming and ranching my entire life. Building up and expanding our farming operation has been a lifetime commitment. I also had a career working off the family farm in the ethanol industry. At the time of my retirement, I was general manager/vice president of Chief Industries Ethanol Division. During this time, I was also active politically in the formation and setting of policies enacted for the benefit of the ethanol industry both at the state and federal level. I have had the opportunity to travel worldwide to speak on agriculture and ethanol issues, giving me a broad base of knowledge and experience.


Strategic Planning: My experience in strategic planning is two-fold. I develop the long-term goals and investments for our family farm, as well as having been responsible for the strategic planning for the Chief Ethanol plants. I handled the capital investments at the plant, as well as set the overall direction of the plant. This included annual budget forecasts, review of the business entities and developing legislative policies both locally and nationally. These decisions impact both the short-term and the decades-long returns for both the farm and the ethanol plants.

Corporate Governance: Honesty and integrity are core to corporate governance. My experiences at Chief Ethanol gave me insights into methods to facilitate transparency and accountability within a company. The ethanol business is accountable to multiple government agencies and, as general manager, I was the responsible person.

Financial Reporting: On the farm, a solid annual report is key to financial planning. This is an important part of my farming responsibility. As the general manager of Chief Ethanol, I was responsible for the monthly and yearly budgeting and forecasting, as well as the monthly and year-end financial reviews. These experiences have shown me the importance of comprehensive financial reporting.

Business Technology: Keeping up to date with the newest technology is a necessity in this fast-changing world. Equipment and software are constantly being updated both on the farm and in the ethanol industry. Keeping abreast of these changes has been an integral part of my responsibilities.

Risk Management: In both the agricultural sector and the ethanol business, risk management is extremely important. Early in my career, I gained experience as a grain trader and futures broker before becoming involved in the complexities of the ethanol industry. This experience has been invaluable both on the farm and in the ethanol business to understand the factors involved in hedging and other risk management practices.

Talent Management: Being proficient in employee management has been an essential part of my life both on the farm and in the office setting. My experience ranges from managing labor on the farm to all aspects of hiring and maintaining a large workforce for the ethanol plant.

Dave Nielsen

Dave Nielsen

Residence and business in Lincoln, Nebraska

Birth Year: 1963

Occupation: Farming
I operate our family farming operation, producing corn, soybeans and hay.

University of Nebraska, B.S. Agriculture
Nebraska LEAD Program

Current Leadership:
President/Owner, Garr Creek Farms, Inc.
Board of Directors, Next Gen
Member, Lancaster County Farm Bureau
Trustee, Danish Cemetery Association


I have always felt that everyone should give their time and talents toward organizations they feel passionate about. For me, that is agriculture. I have a passion for promoting and advocating for agriculture to help the present and future generations.


I have held leadership roles on many agricultural boards and associations, ranging from local to national organizations. I have had the opportunity to work with many people from across Nebraska and the nation, and the opportunity to travel to other countries. These experiences have all influenced the way I work with other board members for a positive influence in decision-making.


Strategic Planning: I have been involved in strategic planning for the Nebraska Corn Marketing and Utilization Board. Also, I recently completed the strategic planning process with Nebraska Farm Bureau Federation. From my personal business perspective, I routinely evaluate my farming operation, not only for profitability, but also for sustainability of the farm for the next generation.

Corporate Governance: My experience of being on varying boards has provided me insight in working with general members, fellow directors, hired personnel and with legal counsel. I have seen and experienced working with boards that have new members as well as seasoned members, and new and long-term employees. I have also participated in bylaw changes and policy development from the organization’s grassroots ideas to final adoption.

Financial Reporting: With organizations at local and state levels, I have been a member of the committee responsible for job performance review and salary increases for the organization’s chief operating officer and president. I have been involved in setting annual budgets, analyzing cash flow and net worth statements, as well as other financial reports. Also, for my farming operation, I assess and communicate performance evaluations and salary reviews annually.

Business Technology: My knowledge and experience in this area is ever changing and requires a mindset of continuous learning. I strive to keep current technology within my farming operation as a means to increase productivity and efficiency for the greatest returns.

Risk Management: There are not many industries with greater risk than farming or ranching. I have learned to be flexible, look for opportunities, think out of the box and evaluate all things that can affect the performance of an organization. My motto is to be progressively conservative.

Talent Management: I feel human capital is not only to utilize the strengths, knowledge and experience of others, but one must first seek out those skills in others. Whether I am in organizations or managing my farming operation, I look to utilize each person’s strengths and knowledge. For example, my employee has a strong knowledge in the technologies that come with new machinery. Utilization of his skill makes us a stronger unit than if operating independently.

Race 4: 4-Year Term

jason frerichs

Jason Frerichs

Residence and business in Wilmot, South Dakota

Birth Year: 1984

Occupation: Farming and Ranching
Own and operate a diversified family farm operation. We raise soybeans, corn, wheat, alfalfa, and have a cow-calf and yearling operation. My brother, Aaron, and I farm together but each have separate farm entities. We are fortunate to work with various landowners, many who are neighbors, in addition to the land we each own. My parents crop share the land they own with us and assist wherever needed to keep us all rolling.

South Dakota State University, B.S. Agricultural Education
South Dakota Teaching Certificate
Ag Leader Source Director Certified

Current Leadership:
Farmer Director, United Soybean Board
District 8 Board Member, South Dakota Soybean Research & Promotion Council
Secretary, South Dakota Soybean Research & Promotion Council


I have been a Farm Credit Services of America customer in nearly all aspects of the cooperative. The AgStart program, operating line of credit, real estate lending, crop and livestock insurance, and a Rural 1st® home loan are the areas of my stockholder involvement. I want to serve on the Board of Directors to be a balanced voice for fellow agriculture producers and our rural communities. My skillset and experience can add value to the boardroom in a positive fashion. I enjoyed serving on the Association’s Nominating Committee and attending its Side by Side Conference in the past.


While serving in the legislature, we approached the task of identifying public funding for the planned precision agriculture building at South Dakota State University. Various producer groups and agriculture business partners were behind this project, but it needed state funding. I researched an ethanol plant fund that had excess revenue, and we were able to reinvest those dollars to construct this new cutting-edge facility. Truly a team effort. The Raven Precision Agriculture Building is now open and training students.


Strategic Planning: Each time more land was added to our operation, I assessed our equipment needs, manpower capacity, other enterprises and financial position. Serving on Soybean Checkoff Boards, I found our funding experienced wide swings in revenue and it has been imperative to maintain solid relationships with contractors, research partners and staff to achieve our farmer-focused goals.

Corporate Governance: Stockholders expect the Farm Credit Services of America Board to operate with high ethical standards to ensure that trust is maintained. I want to do my part to enhance that trust and, with my background in legislative and Checkoff boards, this would be a natural fit. Business meetings must follow proper procedure, and I am confident in my ability to be respectful of fellow board members while providing my perspective.

Financial Reporting: Reading and understanding budgets was an important task for the state legislature when voting on budgets each year. Financial reporting and auditing are important for Checkoff boards since it is mandatory and government regulated. On the farm, I do my own recordkeeping and utilize Xero and Microsoft® Excel spreadsheets to examine each enterprise and assess financial strength. I am a fan of AgriPoint® online access for my Farm Credit Services of America loans.

Business Technology: Technology encompasses my life and farm, and I see this as an asset to achieve efficiencies. Often my brother and I or an employee will check our phone or iPad to determine history on a particular field or portion of a field to make a management decision. One of the more important decisions in the future for Farm Credit Services of America will be to find a way to continue to meet producers at the next technology need to enhance our operations.

Risk Management: Asking the right questions during presentations on financial updates is a strong suit of mine, and I would be able to bring that background to the boardroom. I understand the need to exercise risk management strategies in my hedging accounts, revenue, crop insurance and livestock risk protection. Consulting with fellow farmers along with financial representatives from both Farm Credit Services of America and private banks assists me in establishing a solid business foundation. I read and research daily and often confer with Land Grant University professors and leadership.

Talent Management: Employees are the backbone of the Association. As a Board member, I will take the opportunity to listen to leadership to meet the needs of the team members. I continue to be impressed with the caliber of human capital who call Farm Credit Services of America their home. We are fortunate to have strong employee retention on our farm. All of our employees are seasonal, and we enjoy being able to build on their knowledge of our operation each year. Our H2-A Visa program workers require necessary care, and I thrive on that.

bob metz

Bob Metz

Residence and business in Peever, South Dakota

Birth Year: 1957

Occupation: Farming
My wife, Karen, and I are fifth-generation farmers that produce corn, soybeans and soybean seed production. We have a family farm with two sons and a son-in-law.

South Dakota Ag and Rural Leadership, Class X
United Soybean Board and Farm Bureau, Leadership, Public Speaking and Media Training
Granite Falls Technical College, Associate of Science, Industrial Hydraulics

Current Leadership:
President, Metz Farms, Inc.


Farm Credit Services of America has been my major lender for many years. I have used most of its loan products. I have helped two sons and a son-in-law get started farming. I believe my experience and knowledge of the challenges of bringing the next generation of young farmers successfully into modern agriculture will be beneficial to this Board. I have a passion for farm succession planning and multi-generational family farms. Farming and ranching are very capital-intense businesses. We need good lenders.


While serving as president of the American Soybean Association, I worked on the farm bill and we formed the U.S. Soybean and Export Council. We also worked with South American soybean growers to form the International Soybean Grower Alliance.

While I served as the chairman of the National Biodiesel Board, I worked to make biodiesel part of the Renewable Fuels Standard in the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007. I have participated in many soybean trade missions in China, southeast Asia, Europe and the Middle East. I have also served with the board who built an ethanol plant in northeast South Dakota.


Strategic Planning: I had the opportunity to serve on several strategic planning committees in the organizations that I have served on. Serving in leadership while helping start two international organizations took great teamwork and planning to be successful. I was also part of a small group of dedicated farmers, ranchers and business people who had the vision to build an ethanol plant.

Corporate Governance: Being part of several teams who have started local and international organizations has given me great insight into corporate governance. I believe as long as every director has had an opportunity to speak and share their point of view, a good conclusion can be reached that everyone can support.

Financial Reporting: I served on our ethanol plant’s audit committee for many years. I also served on the audit and evaluation committee for the United Soybean Board, which monitors soybean checkoff investments. We have excellent financial and production records for our farm. I believe in hiring the best accountants and consultants on our farm and the boards that I have served on.

Business Technology: Our farm has always embraced new technologies to help make better farming decisions. We have records for many years of yield maps, soil samples, variable-rate planting and nutrient management. On our farm we are using the Real-Time Kinematic technique, which allows us to install drainage tile within a half-inch accuracy.

Risk Management: During my farming career, we have used several types of risk management to help us remain profitable. We follow several consultants and have a trusted group of farmer friends to share our marketing plans with. We have invested in several ethanol and soybean crushing plants around the United States to spread out our financial risks. We believe that by investing in grain storage on our farm for the entire crop, we have more marketing options.

Talent Management: We have always had full- and part-time employees on our farm. Our employees are a key part of our team, and we strive to treat them with respect and encourage them to give input on how to make the farm more efficient and successful. I have served on several state and national boards and have been involved in several chief executive officer and key employee searches. A well-educated board is crucial to making very tough decisions for the good of the organization.

Race 1

Megan Holz

Grand Junction, Iowa

Occupation: Accountant/Farming
After spending many years in corporate auditing, I have transitioned to working on my family’s farming operation. We operate a cattle feedlot, own and manage a cover crop seed business, raise row crops and operate a truck brokerage. As a certified public accountant, I am the primary financial statement preparer and bookkeeper for the operations. I am also responsible for marketing and public relations for Iowa Cover Crop.

Creighton University, B.S. Business Administration/ Accounting Licensed CPA

Current Leadership:
Secretary, Greene County Community Foundation
Deacon, Grand Junction Presbyterian Church
Treasurer, Jefferson Presbyterian Church
Member, Farm Credit Services of America Nominating Committee

WHY I WANT TO SERVE ON THE NOMINATING COMMITTEE: I would like to continue my service on the Association’s Nominating Committee to do my part in helping identify future leaders who will continue to advance the Association with success. I have diverse and relevant background and experience in agriculture, financial services and accounting that make me an asset in the identification of talent suited for the Farm Credit Services of America Board of Directors.

Noah Taylor

Bouton, Iowa

Occupation: Farming
I am a young farmer located in Dallas County, focusing on row crops, small grains, hay, cow-calf seedstock production, feedlot, as well as finishing hogs for a niche market. I farm alongside my grandfather and father. I also have a custom application and haying business in the area.

Northwest Missouri State, B.S.

Current Leadership:
Beef Superintendent, Dallas County Fair
Member, Dallas County Youth Committee
Director, Dallas County Cattlemen’s Association Board

WHY I WANT TO SERVE ON THE NOMINATING COMMITTEE: I want to serve in order to help find and present candidates to voting members that will work toward continuing Farm Credit Services of America’s strong stability and commitment to farmers and ranchers. I feel it is important to source candidates that value and understand the wide diversity of farmers and ranchers across the territory, as well as continuing Farm Credit Services of America’s unwavering support of young farmers.

Race 2

Kaleb Appelgate

Marshalltown, Iowa

Occupation: Farming
My wife and I operate a corn/soybean row crop operation with my family, and we independently raise hogs. We offer some custom services to supplement the row crop operation. My wife and I also operate a small kennel raising golden retriever puppies and are the content creators for “The Family Farm” YouTube channel.

Iowa State University, Agricultural Studies/ Agronomy minor
Pork Quality Assurance® Plus Certification
Transport Quality Assurance® Certification
Private Pesticide Applicator Certification
Golder Retriever Club of America and American Kennel Club registered kennel owner

Current Leadership:
Core Leadership Team/Connection Group Leader, Cornerstone Church
Response Team, Farm Bureau
Ag Advisory Committee, GMG Schools

WHY I WANT TO SERVE ON THE NOMINATING COMMITTEE: We believe in the vision of Farm Credit Services of America to serve agriculture and support the next generation of producers. After using Farm Credit Services of America as our primary lender for many years, my wife and I have seen the strength of the company and how the Association makes supporting customers its number one priority. I feel my diverse background in row crops, livestock, kennel operation and social media content creation gives me the experience and knowledge to advocate for the many different operations served by Farm Credit Services of America.

Jeremy Reiling

Winthrop, Iowa

Occupation: Farming
I own and operate a third-generation farm with my wife and our young children. We raise corn, soybeans and swine. We are custom and independent swine producers. Our operation also includes a custom manure pumping business.

Commercial Manure Applicator Certification
Pork Quality Assurance® Plus Certification
Certified Private Pesticide Applicator Certification

Current Leadership:
Director of Operations, Reiling Farms
Financial Manager, Reiling Farms
Team Leader, Reiling Farms

WHY I WANT TO SERVE ON THE NOMINATING COMMITTEE: I feel there are opportunities to learn, grow, educate and push myself to be a better producer, farmer and person. Serving on the Nominating Committee will open my eyes to new experiences, people, operations, opportunities and agriculture as a whole. I enjoy meeting new people, and I feel it would be a great opportunity to learn from other successful producers.

Race 3

Steve Dolch

Villisca, Iowa

Occupation: Farming and Ranching
I co-own and operate a row crop operation, cow-calf herd and small feedlot with my brother. We grow corn, soybeans and hay. We use records to make day-to-day decisions. Our fat cattle are sold on the grid with carcass data received in order to track which cows are financially viable to our operation. Much effort is given to improve the operation internally as to what we have versus getting bigger. We try new technology when feasible and cost-effective.

Colorado State University, B.S. Animal Science/ Production option

Current Leadership:
President, Dolch Brothers LLC Farming/ Ranching Operation
Member, Farm Credit Services of America Nominating Committee
At-Large Representative, Iowa FFA Alumni Board
Member President, East Ridge Condo Association
Township Director, Montgomery County Farm Bureau Board

WHY I WANT TO SERVE ON THE NOMINATING COMMITTEE: I feel my years of farming/ranching and board experience will be beneficial to the work of the Nominating Committee. I would like to expand on what I have learned and continue to assist with the selection of top-quality Director candidates for Farm Credit Services of America. I feel it is important for candidates to understand what patrons desire from their lender, as well as being committed to educating the next generation on where their food comes from.

Joseph Lucas

Bedford, Iowa

Occupation: Wealth Management Advisor
Growing up in southwest Iowa, I learned most of my values assisting my father in his veterinary practice. I have been in the financial services industry for many years, and taking care of people is my number one job. As a wealth management advisor with Farm Bureau, I help people with their financial goals and dreams. My wife, Jane, and I live on the family farm near Bedford with our two children, Emma and Owen.

Iowa State University, B.S. Exercise and Sport Science
Iowa State University Graduate Certificate, Family Financial Planning
Certified Financial Planner

Current Leadership:
Wealth Management Advisor, Farm Bureau Wealth Management
Board Member, Bedford Community Housing
Board Member, Clarinda Chamber of Commerce
Board Member, CHI Corning Hospital
Member, Bedford Lion’s Club
Member, Taylor County Cattlemen’s Association
Member, Clarinda Kiwanis Club
Member, Bedford Volunteer Fire Department
Member, Masonic Lodge 156

WHY I WANT TO SERVE ON THE NOMINATING COMMITTEE: Farm Credit Services of America worked with our family to build the home of our dreams and purchase the family farm. I appreciated the professional and friendly service from the Farm Credit Services of America staff. I would like to give back to the Association, and feel I can be of value serving on the Nominating Committee.

Race 4

Kelli Berg

Early, Iowa

Occupation: Farming
My husband and I transitioned and took over a corn and soybean operation from a retiring farmer. We also began to farm family ground that has been in my family for four generations at that time. Since then, we started selling seed corn, purchased two turkey finisher sites, and we own and operate a turkey brooder site. We believe strongly in soil conservation and water quality.

South Dakota State University, B.A. Consumer Affairs/Marketing emphasis
Iowa State University, Crop Marketing Certification
Iowa Farm Bureau, Ag Leaders Certification

Current Leadership:
President and Response Team, Sac County Farm Bureau

WHY I WANT TO SERVE ON THE NOMINATING COMMITTEE: Farm Credit Services of America has played an integral part in our business from our start as beginning farmers to growing our operation in the past few years. I am thankful for the current relationships I have with those at Farm Credit Services of America and am interested in learning more and selecting those who will continue to shape and lead the organization while keeping farmers and ranchers at the center of their decision-making. I would enjoy serving an organization that has served me so well.

Brock Hansen

Baxter, Iowa

Occupation: Farming
My wife, Robin, and I are primarily a row crop, corn and soybean operation with a small cow-calf herd, a small ag repair business and a small trucking business. We farm directly with my parents yet are two separate farms. Together, we work as a team to accomplish our daily tasks on and off the farm.

Northeast Iowa Community College, B.S.
John Deere Tech School Program
Certified Fire Fighter 1

Current Leadership:
Member, Farm Credit Services of America Nominating Committee
Fire Chief, Baxter Fire Department

WHY I WANT TO SERVE ON THE NOMINATING COMMITTEE: Robin and I enjoy giving back to our community. With our busy lives, this does not require that much time; however, the rewards of getting to know some of the inner works of Farm Credit Services of America and realizing how financially strong the Association is and its values are huge. Getting to know the other Nominating Committee members and learning from their experiences has also been beneficial.

Race 5

Peg Becker

Hinton, Iowa

Occupation: Farming
Partner in a farm that produces corn and soybeans in northwest Iowa. We also run a cow-calf herd, along with a cattle feeding operation. I have recently retired from the private sector working in operations management; the majority of my years there were in area management and vice president roles.

South Dakota State University, M.S Agronomy
South Dakota State University, B.S. Soil Science and Chemistry

Current Leadership:
Management Consulting, Veolia North America
Task Force Manager and Training Specialist, Veolia North America/Professional Services Group
Special Projects Coordinator/Agronomy, Veolia North America/Professional Services Group
Vice President, Plymouth County Zoning Board

WHY I WANT TO SERVE ON THE NOMINATING COMMITTEE: This is a great opportunity to be more involved and gain additional knowledge of the agriculture industry. I believe my years of agricultural operations and business experience, along with years of recruiting leaders, will be beneficial to the work of the Nominating Committee. As a patron, I believe that I have a good understanding of what is wanted from a lender. I have a personal interest in Farm Credit Services of America and appreciate the opportunity to serve.

Dave Nelson

Fort Dodge, Iowa

Occupation: Farming and Ag Equipment Sales and Service
Nelson Family Farms, LLC, is a family farming business raising row crops.
My role with Ag Solutions Group, a farm equipment sales and service business with locations in Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri and Nebraska, has evolved from day-to-day operations to hiring a CEO.

Iowa State University, B.S. Agronomy

Current Leadership:
Manager, Nelson Family Farms, LLC
Equity Partner, Ag Solutions Group
Executive Vice President, Outlaw Truck & Tractor Pulling Association
Tech Director, National Farm Machinery Show Championship Truck and Tractor Pull

WHY I WANT TO SERVE ON THE NOMINATING COMMITTEE: I was honored to be asked to apply for the Nominating Committee opportunity. I have spent a lot of time focusing on our farming and farm equipment businesses to assure their success in the years to come, and I would like to contribute similarly to the selection of Director candidates who will focus on the health and needs of their customers in the future as a partner, not just a service provider.

Race 6

Marisa Betson

Crawford, Nebraska

Occupation: Ranching
My husband and I run a cow-calf operation on his family’s ranch that was homesteaded in 1888. We run cows using rotational grazing and crop ground planted with grazing mixes and crop residue. We also run a bed and breakfast.

Lincoln School of Commerce, Associate of Business Administration

Current Leadership:
Mentor, TeamMates
Member, Farm Credit Services of America Nominating Committee

WHY I WANT TO SERVE ON THE NOMINATING COMMITTEE: I would like to continue to serve on the Farm Credit Services of America Nominating Committee to give back to a great organization, as well as to learn from others in the industry and to gain better knowledge in many aspects.

Rebecca Fitts

Gering, Nebraska

Occupation: Farming
I am actively involved in farming. Our farming operation includes corn, dry beans, sugar beets and mint. I have also helped sell companion ag products. We expanded our sales business a few years ago to include seed sales for corn, alfalfa, etc. I am also a part-time secretary for a local irrigation district.

University of Wyoming, B.S. Business Administration/ Ag Business emphasis

Current Leadership:
Vice President/Owner/Operator, Fitts Farms, Inc. and Fitts Seeds, LLC
Secretary, Castle Rock Irrigation District

WHY I WANT TO SERVE ON THE NOMINATING COMMITTEE: Would like the experience and to learn how Farm Credit Services of America operates.

Race 7

Kurt Janke

Wayne, Nebraska

Occupation: Farming
Row crop production of corn and beans on irrigated and dryland.

I am a crop insurance agent, and I buy/sell equipment.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln, B.S. Agriculture
Nebraska Real Estate License

Current Leadership:
Vice Chairman, Lower Elkhorn Natural Resources District

WHY I WANT TO SERVE ON THE NOMINATING COMMITTEE: I would like to serve on the Nominating Committee so I can become more familiar with the inner workings of Farm Credit Services of America and the people who help lead the Association. It is an opportunity to be around people who want to help guide and lead this distinguished institution.

Lisa Schole

Hooper, Nebraska

Occupation: Farming and Animal Nutritionist
I am co-owner of Evolve Consulting Group. Evolve provides product development expertise primarily in the pet food industry. We focus on working with suppliers to develop raw material and pet food companies in developing finished products.

My husband and I also farm in northeast Nebraska. We grow corn, soybeans and wheat. We also raise pigs for a niche market.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln, M.S. Ruminant Nutrition
University of Nebraska-Lincoln, B.S. Animal Science

Current Leadership:
President, Dodge County Agricultural Society
Board Member, Dodge County Convention & Visitors Bureau
Board Member, Dodge County Fair Foundation
Educator, Nebraska Hunter Safety
Chairperson, Farm Credit Services of America Nominating Committee

WHY I WANT TO SERVE ON THE NOMINATING COMMITTEE: I would like to continue to serve on the Farm Credit Services of America Nominating Committee because I believe it is a great way to be more involved in agriculture in my community and beyond. I also believe it is a great way to connect with others who are involved in agriculture around the Midwest. I like to play an active role in my community, and this is another way to broaden my experience. I also believe that I bring a slightly different perspective to the Nominating Committee, given my focus is helping agriculture companies and farmers with value-added products they already grow, produce and/or process.

Race 8

Ryan Kelly

O’Neill, Nebraska

Occupation: Farming and Ranching
I am blessed to be a part of many things agriculturally related. Our family farm consists of irrigated farm acres that help supply feed to our cow-calf, backgrounding and finishing cattle business. We also run a feed mill, trucking and property acquisition business.

Nebraska Wesleyan University, B.S. Business Administration
Nebraska Wesleyan University, teaching endorsement for business, accounting and computers

Current Leadership:
Co-owner/Manager, RK Feeders, LLC
Co-owner/Manager, #KB Ag Investments, LLC
Manager, Circle BK Farm and Ranch, LLC
Ariel Captain, O’Neill Fire Department

WHY I WANT TO SERVE ON THE NOMINATING COMMITTEE: I want to serve on the Nominating Committee to add value to an already great business. I had an opportunity to sit down and visit with current Farm Credit Services of America Board members where we discussed the organization and opportunities to serve. Those two, along with my financial officer, are huge reasons I am putting my name in the ring. I enjoy collaborating with people who have different thoughts and ideas. I like a good challenge and to be able to give back to an organization that has given me so much opportunity.

Cory Kudlacek

David City, Nebraska

Occupation: Farming
I am an owner/operator of a sixth-generation family farm, growing no-till corn and soybeans. I grew up on our family farm but left to pursue a degree in mechanical engineering. Over a decade ago, I left a successful engineering career in St. Louis, Missouri, to move back and pursue my farming passion with my family. I started farming with my father and have since taken over the operation completely. I am heavily invested in technology on the farm and use it regularly to make operational and business decisions.

Washington University, B.S. Mechanical Engineering
Nebraska Wesleyan University, B.S. Physics/ Mathematics minor
Nebraska LEAD Program, Class 37

Current Leadership:
Owner/Operator, Kudlacek Farms

WHY I WANT TO SERVE ON THE NOMINATING COMMITTEE: I have a high regard for Farm Credit Services of America, as they have always been invested in the success of my operation. From the purchase of my first farm to operating and equipment loans to providing crop insurance — they are always professional, willing to help and give good advice. For these reasons, I admire the organization and its people greatly and would like to make a contribution back to the Association. I believe I can use my background to help the Nominating Committee select strong candidates to continue Farm Credit Services of America’s commitment to success, stability, value, and unwavering customer service for a wide range of farm and ranch operations.

Race 9

Rodney Klatt

Henry, South Dakota

Occupation: Farming
I, along with my wife, Leah, and brother, Richard, operate a grain farm west of Watertown, South Dakota, growing corn and soybeans.

High school graduate

Current Leadership:
Director, Agwrx Cooperative
Board Member, Codington County Zoning Board

WHY I WANT TO SERVE ON THE NOMINATING COMMITTEE: It has always been a pleasure doing business with Farm Credit Services of America. It would be my privilege to experience helping select the next candidates for the Farm Credit Services of America Board.

Mark Mueller

Big Stone City, South Dakota

Occupation: Farming
I currently farm with my wife and father. We raise corn, soybeans and wheat. We use precision and variable-rate technology for seeding and fertilizer. We also have a U-pick pumpkin patch that brings people to our farm in the fall.

South Dakota State University, B.S. Agronomy

Current Leadership:
Committee Chairman, Grant County Farm Service
Agency Clerk, Alban Township Grant County
Member, Farm Credit Services of America Nominating Committee

WHY I WANT TO SERVE ON THE NOMINATING COMMITTEE: I would like to continue to serve on the Farm Credit Services of America Nominating Committee to be more involved with the decisions made by the cooperative. I also feel it would help further my knowledge of the lending aspect of agriculture.

Race 10

Travis Gebhart

Meadow, South Dakota

Occupation: Ranching
My family and I operate a cow-calf operation in northwest South Dakota. We background all of our calves and then retain ownership while finishing the calves at a custom feedlot in western Nebraska. We finish some of the yearlings and all of the open cows at home. We also have a farming operation primarily for feed production.

South Dakota State University, B.S. Range Science/ Business, Ag Business, Ag Economics and Animal Science minors

Current Leadership:
Director and County President, Perkins County Farm Bureau
Director, Calvary Lutheran Church Council
President, Lemmon High School FFA/Ag Education Advisory Board
Member, Farm Credit Services of America Nominating Committee

WHY I WANT TO SERVE ON THE NOMINATING COMMITTEE: I have been with Farm Credit Services of America since I started ranching. I absolutely believe in and love doing business with them. I hope to continue to bring balance to the Nominating Committee, both in terms of commodities produced and being on the younger side of the age spectrum. A well-balanced Nominating Committee will give Farm Credit Services of America better recommendations, which benefits all of us as producer-owners.

David Kruger

Twin Brooks, South Dakota

Occupation: Farming
I operate a farm on the eastern edge of the Coteau Hills. I raise corn, beans, spring wheat and occasionally plant some winter wheat in a no-till system. I have been experimenting with cover crops for several years. I enjoy experimenting with soil-health practices to find ways to be a low-cost producer while maintaining yield.

Lake Area Technical College, Ag Production

Current Leadership:
Supervisor, Township
Board Director, Grant County Weed

WHY I WANT TO SERVE ON THE NOMINATING COMMITTEE: Farm Credit Services of America has done a great job of working with farmers and helping them be successful. To continue this, it is important to have people on the Board of Directors who have a good understanding of the struggles and challenges associated with farming. I feel choosing Directors who are open to new ideas and think outside the box is important to the Association, as agriculture is always changing. If chosen to serve on the Nominating Committee, I will do my best to identify candidates that will continue to move the Association in a direction that will keep it on the cutting edge of the agriculture industry.

Race 11

Tyrel Eisenbraun

Wall, South Dakota

Occupation: Farming and Seed Sales
I run a sixth-generation family farm and ranch operation with my wife and three sons. We farm multiple crops, including corn, sunflowers, winter wheat, field peas, alfalfa, oats, teff grass and millet. We also run a commercial Angus cow-calf operation and finish cattle to send to the local packing plant for local businesses. I also run a seed business selling varieties of crop seed to local farmers.

Southwest Minnesota State University, B.S.
Applicator’s License
Commercial Driver’s License

Current Leadership:
Head Elder, First Lutheran Church
District 6 Representative, Farm Bureau Young Farmer and Ranchers Committee
District 6 Director, Farm Bureau Young Farmer and Ranchers
Policy Advisor, South Dakota State Pulse Council Board
Committee Representative, Pennington County Farm Service Agency

WHY I WANT TO SERVE ON THE NOMINATING COMMITTEE: I find it is important to stay on top of your financials to help your farm and ranch operate to its highest capacity and to succeed. Policies are the backbone of those financials and, without them, agriculture would not be a sustainable industry. I also find it important to ultimately be involved in the decision-making of what policies are going to be implemented that affect my financials and occupation, which are decided among the board of the financial institution I am getting the advice and funds from.

Marty Williams

Wall, South Dakota

Occupation: Farming and Ranching
Our family farming and ranching operation includes raising wheat, corn, soybeans, safflower and, occasionally, millet. We also run a background lot, have an Angus cow herd, background calves as well as custom feeding.

South Dakota State University, B.S. Animal Science/ Business minor
Certified Private Pesticide Applicator
Beef Quality Assurance Certification

Current Leadership:
Owner, Williams Family LLC
Director, Wall Rodeo Booster Club
Supervisor, Wasta Township

WHY I WANT TO SERVE ON THE NOMINATING COMMITTEE: Farm Credit Services of America has a strong structure compared to other financial institutions. It fits into my operation and is more flexible. I think the Board has already made great decisions that are helpful to their customers, especially during this past year. I want to ensure Farm Credit Services of America keeps moving forward so customers can continue being profitable.

Race 12

Sharleen Castle

Bosler, Wyoming

Occupation: Ranching
We have a centennial commercial cow-calf operation, and we put up native hay for our cows, plus we bring in pasture cattle in the summer. I work at our hospital as the volunteer coordinator and gift shop manager. I am retired from First Interstate Bank in Laramie, where I held various positions, including ag lending officer, branch manager and business development officer.

University of Wyoming, B.A. Elementary Education

Current Leadership:
Treasurer, Albany County Fairground Foundation Board
Treasurer, Albany County Farm Bureau Board
Secretary, Farm Credit Services of America Nominating Committee

WHY I WANT TO SERVE ON THE NOMINATING COMMITTEE: I have enjoyed meeting ag people from other states and learning from them. Although all of our challenges are unique in agriculture, we share a passion for farming and ranching, and the desire to make a difference for future generations. I try to make a difference in all I do. I appreciate the great experiences I have had through my volunteer work and throughout my banking and ranching careers. My background involving both sides of agriculture lending makes this experience very interesting for me, and I feel will be a benefit for those utilizing the services of Farm Credit Services of America.

John Resich

Fort Laramie, Wyoming

Occupation: Ranching
We have a cow-calf operation with my daughter and also farm acres of alfalfa. In addition, I am a practicing attorney and run a large cemetery and funeral business.

Chapman University, Master’s degree
Cal Poly Pomona University, B.S. Business Finance and Insurance
Santa Clara University, J.D.

Current Leadership:
Member, Cal Poly Pomona Foundation Board
Director, California Mortuary and Cemetery Association
Member, Cal Poly Agriculture Advisory Board

WHY I WANT TO SERVE ON THE NOMINATING COMMITTEE: I believe that my experience in ranching and farming, the practice of law, operation of a large business, and being involved in the California Polytechnic University School of Agriculture gives me insight in business, ranching and farming operations. This, together with my financial experience in operating a large business, I believe would be an asset to the Nominating Committee.