Corporate and Commercial Lending

We offer specialized financing for all types of large-scale food and agribusiness companies through direct origination and participation in debt capital market activities.

Who We Are

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Agribusiness Expertise

We represent one of the largest, most experienced sources of credit for agribusiness in the United States.

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Business-Centric Approach

Our seasoned professionals understand your business, customers and suppliers. Our solutions add value and recognize opportunities that contribute to your success.

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Strategic Financing

Our team provides deep expertise to develop strategic financing solutions tailored to the complexities of large-scale credit needs in agriculture.

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Collaborative Partnerships

Our commitment to creating value for rural America includes supporting the debt capital needs of the food, fiber and utility sectors through syndicated or participated arrangements involving multiple financial institutions.

Industries We Finance

The Corporate and Commercial Lending team offers the expertise and financial strength to finance those who process the products for agriculture as well as those who grow them.

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Beef Financing

Financing for large-scale cattle operators, including cow-calf, stocker, backgrounding and feeding.

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Dairy Financing

Financing for large-scale dairy operations, including facilities, equipment, cattle and feed.

Grain Financing

Financing for large-scale grain producers.

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Food and Agribusiness Lending

Financing for grain merchandising, feed manufacturing, agronomy and input supplies, timber and wood processing, food processing and specialty crops.

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Poultry Financing

Financing for commercial chicken, turkey and egg operations, including facilities, equipment, operating and feed needs.

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Swine Financing

Financing for commercial swine, sow, nursery and finishing hog operations, including facilities, equipment, livestock and operating expenses.

Corporate and Commercial Lending Portfolio

Our customers range from the large-scale individual producer to national corporate enterprises through most every facet of the food chain.

Beef, dairy, swine and forest products are among the largest segments in our portfolio, but we also serve grain and farm supply, poultry, renewable fuels and other agribusinesses.

Loan Syndications

The Loan Syndications team coordinates the structuring, arrangement and distribution of loans originated by Farm Credit Services of America. The Syndications team brings together Farm Credit System and commercial lenders knowledgeable in agriculture to meet the debt capital needs of our Agribusiness and Corporate customers.

Key relationships with multinational commercial lenders and the Farm Credit System provide the capacity necessary to meet the financing needs of regional, national and international suppliers, producers, marketers, processors and distributors that serve these sectors.

Loan Structures include:

  • Syndications
  • Participations
  • Club Structures

Portfolio Highlights

More than


multi-lender loan customers

Representing More Than

$7.5 billion

in sold commitments

Collaboration with more than


lending partners

Why Work With Us

  • Industry expertise and strong performance in all cycles
  • Sizeable hold positions
  • Ability to "match fund" most maturities
  • Diversifies funding access
  • No ancillary product sales to customers
  • Buy and hold

Customized Financial Products

Our dedicated lending teams understand the unique needs of agriculture. We deliver the knowledge and experience to customize our products and services to meet your financial needs.

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Operating Line of Credit

Finance your farm or ranch with an operating line of credit that includes money-saving benefits and time-saving features you’ll find nowhere else.

Land Loans

Finance or refinance farmland, pastures or acreages with attractive rates, ag-friendly flexibility and cash-back dividends.

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Equipment Financing

Along with options to buy, lease or refinance farm equipment, you’ll find attractive rates and the most ag-friendly terms in the business with AgDirect® financing.

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Facility Loans

Financing for cattle and hog barns, farm storage buildings, grain bins and more.

Ag Leases

Discover the benefits of leasing for farm storage buildings, grain bins, cattle and hog barns, farm equipment, vehicles and more.

Featured Video

The Benefits of Benchmarking

These business owners understand the value of knowing how they’re doing compared to their competitors. Farm Credit provides benchmarking information – a report card of how they measure up against their industry.

Watch the video to learn how one producer uses the benchmarking tool.

Key Benefits of Financing with Us

Unmatched Expertise

Our seasoned financial specialists have comprehensive knowledge and understanding of production agriculture and related agribusinesses.

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Financial Strength

One of the leading associations within the nation's largest agricultural financing network — the Farm Credit System.

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We offer significant lending capacity and competitive cost of capital, with diverse loan or lease packages for any size agribusiness.

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Cash-Back Dividends

We share our success with customer-owners, effectively reducing borrowing costs. 

Convenient Features

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Account Access

View balances and transaction histories, transfer funds within your accounts, make payments and more through AgriPoint® or the Mobile App.*

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Cash Management

We offer a variety of cash management services, including drafts, ACH payments, payroll services, bill pay, wire transfers, CashPlus and more.

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Financial Management

Online tools in AgriPoint® help you analyze the financial health of your business. Create balance sheets or cash flows, examine year-over-year trends, and run what-if scenarios to see the effects of potential purchases.

*Standard message and data rates may apply.

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Our Promise Pays

Each year, since 2004, we have returned a portion of our net earnings to eligible customer-owners in the form of cash-back dividends. We share our success in a way that effectively reduces the cost of borrowing for farmers and ranchers.

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