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Getting started with Farm Credit

We were introduced to Farm Credit by our family. They had worked with Farm Credit in the past and that is how we began our own relationship with them. They know our operation and are very attentive to our needs or helping us secure long-term financing. We’ve been very satisfied working with them.

How our operation has grown

Every year we’ve been fortunate to have opportunities for steady growth in our operation. We started out with 80 acres and were fortunate to work with local people who were willing to lease their land to us. Thanks to those opportunities and our hog confinement ownership, we’ve continued to grow throughout the years.

They Understood Our Needs

As we were searching out financing for our real estate purchases, our expectations were to find flexible, longer-term options, a good interest rate and a financial institution that understood our needs. Farm Credit’s rates, terms and flexible payment options were a big reason we chose to work with them.

What motivates me to work in agriculture

I’m motivated to work in agriculture because of my passion for the lifestyle and the challenges that come along with it. I get a lot of satisfaction out of the opportunities for growth and the changes agriculture presents.

What I enjoy most about farming

What I enjoy most about farming is the lifestyle. I get a lot of enjoyment watching the crops grow and evolve along the way. I also have a true passion for livestock. I like seeing and working with animals.

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