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Elsie, NE
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How our operation has changed

Over the last 10 years our boys have come home from college and joined me on the farm. We have two grandchildren now and both sons are married, so we’ve grown quite a bit as a family and have expanded our operation to make room for them.

My relationship with Farm Credit

My relationship with Farm Credit began about 20 years ago. I borrowed some money to buy some land, but I had been working with another lending institution for my operating note. After my boys had a positive experience working with Farm Credit, I made the decision to switch to them for my operating note as well. I like that they’re focused on agriculture.

Why I continue working with Farm Credit

Working with Farm Credit has given me more freedom to do the things that I feel are right for my operation instead of a cookie cutter approach according to what’s right for other’s peoples’ operations.

They share their profits

I like the cooperative model and being a customer-owner because I know I have some say in what goes on in the organization. The cash-back dividend is a nice way to share the profit if there is one.

My vision for our operation

Looking to the future on our farm I would like to have all our kids stay around. It’s fun to have them close and we’d like our operation to be sustainable for future generations. My boys are the sixth generation on our farm. I’d like that to continue.

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