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How I got started in agriculture

When I was a kid, I wanted to farm but wasn’t sure I would have the resources and opportunities to do it. As time progressed, I worked my way into it. In 1982, I rented a farm 40 miles from home and took off on my own. I got married in 1983, and we worked hard. That hard work allowed us to keep progressing and building our operation.

My business approach

There are downturns and bad times, but I believe that they happen for a reason and I always look forward to the next opportunity for our operation. I don’t dwell on bad things and keep looking forward.

Why FCSAmerica is the right business partner for us

They understand agriculture and know what the ups and downs are all about. We have a family relationship with FCSAmerica. Our financial officers know the history of our farm, have watched my son grow up and know how I am bringing him into the operation.

How FCSAmerica fits into our business approach

They’re very responsive with their service. There are a lot of opportunities that come along quickly. If you have to wait too long for an answer from your financial officer one way or another, that opportunity will be gone. FCSAmerica has helped with our growth process because of their fast, responsive service. It makes me feel good that if an opportunity comes along, they’re there to back me.

What I enjoy most about farming

I’m around family all the time. What better way is there to raise a family? On the farm, you’re your own boss. You’re the one doing the work, and you’re the one reaping the benefits.

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