Matthew and Kayla

Grain and Swine Producers
Newell, IA
Customer Since 2007

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Why we chose agriculture

I worked on a neighbor’s farm growing up, and I enjoy being outside. Plus I have a natural passion for working with livestock.

Our business approach

Being efficient is a major goal, and the devil is in the details. I want to do a better job with annual budgeting, with tracking things like machinery maintenance and labor costs.

The future of agriculture

With global markets and the rising demands of developing nations, I think American agriculture’s future is very strong in the long-term.

The future of our operation

We want to grow and keep a good balance between crops and livestock – there are many advantages to that approach.

What we enjoy about farming

I like to see the results of my work, whether it’s the corn growing to maturity over a season or pigs we’ve raised going to market.

Why we work with FCSAmerica

We see value in the intelligence of the people we work with and their sole focus on agriculture. Our crop insurance specialist works on crop insurance 365 days a year – who could have a better understanding of what’s involved than that?

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