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Lincoln, NE
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Why I chose agriculture

My folks started this farm years ago – built it from the ground up. And I have farmed with my dad my whole life. Now, I’m farming with my son. I have always enjoyed it through the years.

Bringing in the next generation

When Zach was born we wondered what he would be when he grew up. I knew when he was two years old, sitting on my lap while I was driving tractor, that he would be a farmer. He’s been hands-on since he was little. I’m glad he got the education he did and was able to see what else is out there in the world, but he still wanted to stick with the farm. I’m really proud of him.

How I started with FCSAmerica

When I was first married, I got my first loan with Farm Credit. It was really easy and just a no-brainer for us. I got my feet wet that way and just kept on with them. They’ve been really good to work with, so we just stick with them. To be able to go out on your own is just a good feeling. Now it’s nice to see that my son can be on his own with FCSAmerica as well, and to see him develop the trust that I did when I was starting out.

My business approach

We’re always looking toward the future and trying to keep up with the pace of technology, yet not over-extend ourselves. The future is really up to my son, and if he wants to go a different direction, I try to stay open to that and support whatever he’d like to do.

The importance of a strong relationship

We've got a really good relationship with Farm Credit and the people there, from the financial officers and crop insurance specialists to the receptionists up front. They’re really good, easy to work with, and normally I just call them on the phone and can get almost everything I need that way. We can work with them and it's not a source of stress for anyone involved.

What I love about agriculture

I really like to see everything grow. I love the different good smells, the birds and the ability to have a good harvest and see it all come together. It’s always changing and I always have enjoyed that. Just when you think you have things figured out and under control, then you get another curveball that just brings you back down to earth and realize we’re not in control. It’s always different and fun. I enjoy all aspects of it.

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