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Our background in agriculture

We grew up on a dairy farm. From the time we were young kids, we were involved in the everyday operations and developed a passion for agriculture through our experiences growing up around it.

How our operation has changed

One significant way our operation has changed is we are around 95% no-till now. When we got started farming, it was all conventional till. It has worked out very well for us to make that change with the kind of ground we farm.

What motivates me to work in agriculture

What motivates me to keep working in agriculture is how rewarding the industry can be, especially in the fall. Sometimes it’s even more rewarding than what you thought it would be. You put a lot of hard work into it, and agriculture rewards you back.

My vision for the future

My vision for the future of our operation is to see the kids take an interest in it. Some of them are already interested. I would like to help them carry on the operation and watch to see what they will do.

What I enjoy most about farming

What I enjoy most about farming is watching the crops grow and the lifestyle. To me, it’s about being with family and having them out there with you. There’s not many jobs where you can have your family there and watch what you’re doing. That’s pretty rewarding.

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