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Fairview, SD
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Choosing a career in agriculture

I started farming through the help of my dad. The opportunity was there and I knew if I didn’t take it I wouldn’t’ have that opportunity again. I wouldn’t trade being able to work with family. We take care of each other.

My biggest challenge

One of my biggest challenges is prioritizing. In our operation the cattle come first, crops are second but above all is my family. You have to know when to quit at night.

My relationship with Farm Credit

My relationship with Farm Credit is based on honesty. I keep them in the loop, they keep me in the loop and we have a conversation back and forth. I don’t like surprises. I appreciate knowing where I’m at in my business and what opportunities are coming so that I can be prepared.

Why I continue working with Farm Credit

I choose to work with Farm Credit because they are competitive in their financing. For me the cash-back dividend makes them even more competitive. It’s nice to have that bonus at the beginning of the year. As a customer-owner you know it’s a return on your business.

Success in our operation

Success for me personally is being able to work with my boys. You feel the greatest pride in watching your son get his first pen of cattle, or when they spot a job that needs to be done without being told. Profit is one thing, but your legacy is another.

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