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Why I chose agriculture

As soon as I could walk, I was helping out on the farm. I will always remember driving a tractor down the field to turn the sows out from my parents’ farrow-to-finish hog farm. The times have changed but my passion for agriculture hasn’t. I’ve always been a farmer.

How I prepared myself for agricultural business

After graduating college, I worked as an agronomist in seed production. Every time I went out to a field with a farmer, I wanted to be in his shoes. Two years later, my dream came true. I am able to farm full-time and be a seed salesman.

Our business approach

We are constantly trying new things to grow our farm – looking for the next hybrid, learning what hybrids grow best on what acres, supplementing the crops with manure from the cattle and hogs and whatever else presents itself. To grow, we are willing to take calculated risks.

The future of our operation

We are facing a lot of challenges. It’s everything from growing wisely and responsibly to being able to hold onto enough acres to continue to farm. Our plans include growing our livestock operation and adding crop acres. FCSAmerica is playing a critical role in the future of our operation. They help us by offering the best rates. Without their support, I’d be hired help for my dad.

What I enjoy most about farming

I really enjoy watching the crops and livestock grow. I also love working outside and getting dirty. I can make my own rules and be my own boss. I create my own freedom to operate.

Why we work with FCSAmerica

They believe in us. They are willing to help the next generation of farmers. It’s easy and convenient especially with the online tools. I can monitor rates, move things around and not have to make a call.

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