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How I got started in agriculture

I grew up on a farm and from day one knew this was the way of life I wanted. Starting off was not easy, but with the help of Farm Credit I got my first operating line of credit and was able to rent some of my dad’s older equipment. We’re a long way from where we’d like to be, but with Farm Credit’s expertise we really feel like we’re headed in the right direction.

Working with Farm Credit

My family had been working with Farm Credit so I was already kind of familiar with them. They were the best lending company for a beginning farmer. They were willing to give me a chance and provided me with guidance on the financial side which was very important. Working with Farm Credit today, there is still nothing better than the people and services they offer.

They have my best interests in mind

Working with a cooperative they simply have my best interests in mind and they’re working for us because my success is their success. To me the biggest benefit of working with Farm Credit is the people I get to work with and their expertise. The cash-back dividend is the icing on the cake.

The vision for our operation

Our vision in the short-term is to continually grow, whether that’s our balance sheet, acres or purchasing land, but our long-term goal is to be able to allow our two sons to come back and join the farm.

What I enjoy most about farming

There’s nothing better than waking up on the ground that provides for us and everything it has to offer. It’s a unique way of life where we can teach important values to our children.

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