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Ocheyedan, IA
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The challenge of growing our operation

We’ve always been progressive, but we have done things the same for quite a few years. It’s good to have our sons getting more involved in the operation and to have their new ideas. We don’t always agree, and they have a lot to learn, but it’s happening. They see things a different way than we do sometimes.

Working together as a family

We push each other to always get the job done. When everything is done, we are all done. We work well together, and we complement one another, but we push the other guy while we’re working together.

Why we work with FCSAmerica

Their service is great, and they are wonderful people to work with. Basically, to me, it always comes down to the people. They understand the whole industry and our working environment, and they have stood by us in the good times and bad.

What we enjoy most about farming

I’ve always enjoyed working with livestock. My brother John has always enjoyed the crop side more, and he can fix just about anything I break. We complement each other, and we work really well together.

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