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How we got started in agriculture

DJ: I grew up on a family farm and it took me moving away and working a different job for me to realize that this is where I wanted to be. In 2008, we started farming some acres on the side. Then in 2019, we decided to get our own line of equipment and do everything on our own, and we’ve grown ever since.

Chelsea: I grew up in Norfolk, Nebraska. I met DJ in an English class in college. He helped me write some of my papers and the rest is history. After going to nursing school in Lincoln, we eventually moved back to the farm. I didn’t grow up around agriculture, so it was a different experience for me, but we knew this is where we wanted to be.

Why we chose to work with Farm Credit

Chelsea: We chose Farm Credit over other lenders because we saw the relationship DJ’s dad had built with his financial officer. We continued to build a really good relationship with that financial officer and he became a really big part of who we are today. He took the time to help us and guide us as young producers.

They opened doors to new opportunities

DJ: When we started out in 2008 with a WorkSmart line of credit, Farm Credit offered us a special interest rate for young and beginning farmers. That was really beneficial to us because things were a lot tighter getting started. They also opened the door for us to other opportunities like attending the Side by Side Conference.

What motivates us in agriculture

Chelsea: What motivates us to continue working in agriculture is our children. The lifestyle that farming gives to your children – having the opportunity to go with their dad and learn more about the operation – you don’t learn that at school.

Advice to other young producers

Chelsea: The best advice I have to those starting out in agriculture would be to find a good financial officer that you have a good relationship with. Access to capital is such a big part of agriculture. You can’t start a farm without the backing of a good lender and a financial officer who is going to help you build and become a good operator.

DJ: My advice to a young farmer would be number one: don’t give up, because it doesn’t happen overnight. And number two: it’s all about relationships. Whether you’re dealing with an agronomist, a lender, or a crop insurance provider, find somebody that works for you and has your back.

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