Dave and Kay

Sheep Producers
Emblem, WY
Customer Since 1998

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Our relationship with Farm Credit

As far as I can remember my family has always been with Farm Credit. We survived the '80s with the high interest rates and at that time my brother and I decided we would split the ranch. It was quite the process, but Farm Credit was there to help us. My brother took over the cattle ranch and I took over the sheep and the sheep ground.

Working with our loan officers

I can’t say enough good things about Farm Credit. We’ve always had fantastic loan officers – people that are truly interested in us and our operation and want us to be successful. They have always helped us whenever we've had questions, needed information or even to run things by them.

Why we continue working with Farm Credit

Farm Credit has helped us maintain our business and our operation because of their diligence, interest and their foreseeability with the markets and on the financial side. They have been a great partner to us.

What we enjoy about ranching

We love working with the livestock. Their welfare is a huge responsibility. We have worked really hard to do low stress livestock handling and we do our very best to make sure they are happy and healthy.

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