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Why I chose agriculture

As a state FFA president and while attending Iowa State, I was exposed to a lot of career options. The more I saw, the more I realized I really wanted to return home and farm.

How I prepared myself for agricultural business

I was a dairy science major at Iowa State. During college, I worked with professors outside the classroom, learning how to manage the day-to-day operations of a dairy farm. I enjoyed the hands-on environment and doing in-depth analyses on other farms. While at college, I also worked to switch our dairy herd management record system from paper to electronic.

My business approach

Whenever we need to make a decision that will have a large impact, I first consult with my father, vet or nutritionist because each has likely been in similar position. I believe in taking calculated risks. My first priority in taking risks or spending our hard earned income is to increase the welfare and comfort of our cows.

Our greatest challenge

Dealing with the unexpected. When calves and cows get sick, it can be frustrating not knowing why or what caused it.

The future of our operation

We hope to expand the cow herd through robotics or a new parlor system. We’ll want to have as many cows per person as we can. Personally, I want to be in more of a management, decision-making role.

What I enjoy most about farming

Reaping what we sow. There are many programs needing precise management on a dairy, and we’ve chosen three areas of focus: reproduction, nutrition and calf rearing. The animals’ performance in each of these areas is directly related to what we put into them. I enjoy seeing the cause and effect that happens from each decision made.

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