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How I got started in agriculture

From an early age whenever I could be outside, I’d chase my dad around. I begged my parents to homeschool me. But they knew if they went along with that, all I’d want to do is farm. After high school I went to Southeast Community College and took up an ag tech program before I was given the opportunity to come back and farm.

Why I work with Farm Credit

My relationship with Farm Credit is great. I think of them as family and friends. They’re not afraid to answer a text or an email after hours. They always seem to have information and ideas on ways to improve my operation without me ever having to ask for it.

Expertise I can depend on

When we were looking into buying farm ground, Farm Credit brought me various scenarios as far as payments and how the decision would affect my cash flow and balance sheet. They gave me options and weren’t afraid to tell me if something wouldn’t work.

Simplifying the way we do business

Farm Credit’s investments in technology have helped simplify the way we do business. For example, using the mobile app I can deposit a check at whatever hour I want. I don’t have to take the time to drive to my local office, which is about a half hour away, to check my balance or see if a check cleared.

My vision for the future

My vision for our farming operation is to make sure that it’s still here so that my kids can have a shot at farming. Growth is always nice, but it’s also important to make good use of what you have and implement new practices to improve efficiency.

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