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and Taylor

Grain and Pork Producers
Marshalltown, IA
Customer since 2010



How I got started in agriculture

Kaleb: When I was a young boy, my dad did an interview with a magazine, and they asked me what I did on the farm. I said I was a garden farmer who grew pumpkins and Indian corn. Agriculture was something I knew I always wanted to do.

Our relationship with Farm Credit

Taylor: We have a great relationship with Farm Credit. They want to know how we’re doing, and not just in farming, but in life, too. That makes you feel like a person and that they really value you as a customer.

Working with a financial team

Taylor: In farming, you can’t do it all on your own. We all have strengths and weaknesses. We’re not experts in financial planning, and Farm Credit understands that. We love that they are willing to sit down with us and go over what we need to know.

Expanding our operation

Kaleb: The cash-back dividend program is one of the biggest reasons Farm Credit has an advantage over other lenders we’ve looked at. It’s allowed us to expand. We built a hog barn last year, and the dividend helped us to cash flow the building and push our operation into the future.

Investing in technology

Kaleb: The investments Farm Credit has made in technology is a big reason why we stay with them. From website updates and remote deposit, to financial management tools like Magnify, we don’t see other lenders tailoring their tools specifically for agriculture. Other lenders expect us to conform to their technology instead of working with us.

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