Manage your Farm Credit Services of America accounts online.

AgriPoint Overview

AgriPoint® delivers a suite of digital tools, from account management to financial management.

Access to your financial information is crucial in today’s agriculture. That’s why, more than simply viewing your FCSAmerica accounts, AgriPoint® helps you plan, manage and analyze your ag business.

AgriPoint also uses enhanced security features for greater protection of your account information and data.

AgriPoint Tools

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Account Access

View account balances and transaction history, make payments, transfer funds, pay bills and more.

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Financing Requests

Current customers can request new financing directly through AgriPoint, making it easier to get the process started.

Remote Deposit

Remotely scan and apply checks as payments to your WorkSmart® operating line of credit from your computer, smartphone or tablet.

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Create a balance sheet or cash flow, examine year-over-year trends, and run what-if scenarios to see the effects of potential purchases. View historical balance sheets and income statements.

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Crop Insurance

Access MPCI, Crop Hail and supplemental policy details. View documents like crop provisions and county actuarial. Easily renew your policy or initiate changes online.

AgriPoint is free to FCSAmerica customers and enrollment takes only a few minutes.

Account Access Key Features

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Account Info and Transfers

View account balances, transaction history and draft images. Transfer funds or make a payment on your account.

ACH Transactions

Transfer money from a checking or savings account to your FCSAmerica loan, or transfer money from your WorkSmart® operating line of credit to a checking or savings account.

Bill Pay

Use your FCSAmerica WorkSmart operating line of credit to pay your bills.

Get Alerts

Set up payment or account-related reminders.

Transaction Downloads

Download transactions for use in Excel or other accounting programs.

Guest Access

Invite guests to work on your behalf and manage their permissions.

AgriPoint Enrollment Guide

From account management to financial management, AgriPoint helps you plan, manage and analyze your farm or ranch operation.

To get started, follow our step-by-step enrollment guide.

AgriPoint Frequently Asked Questions

If you enter your username and realize you've forgotten your password, from the Enter Password page, click the Forgot Password link at the bottom of the page. You will be directed to a Reset Password page and asked to answer security questions. If the system is able to verify your identity, an email with instructions on how to reset your password will be sent to the email address that we have on file for you. If the system is unable to verify your identity, you will need to contact Customer Support for further assistance, 1‑877‑348‑3810.

From the home page, within the AgriPoint login area, click Forgot Username. You will be prompted to enter your Social Security number and email address. If the system is able to verify your identity, your username will be displayed onscreen. If the system is unable to verify your identity, you will need to contact AgriPoint Customer Support for further assistance at 1‑877‑348‑3810.

Security of information is very important to us. A two-step verification code is used to confirm your identity, as part of the initial enrollment process. You are first prompted to select a verification delivery code option of email, phone or text. A 6-digit code is then sent via the method you have chosen. You will need to enter the 6-digit code on the screen when prompted.

If you receive a verification code either by email, phone or text that you did not initiate, immediately contact AgriPoint customer support at 1‑877‑348‑3810.

The verification code is sent instantly, therefore, select the one most convenient for you.

Contact AgriPoint customer support at 1-877-348-3810.

The confidentiality and security of your information is very important to us. The Social Security number is one of several unique pieces of information our system uses to verify and confirm identity before granting access to any information.

Use the address that you have been receiving information from us or have provided to us on a loan application.

AgriPoint is an online system that bundles Account Access with value-added content and tools to help you manage your business.

AgriPoint includes:

  • Accounts – This overview table consolidates your loans, leases, insurance and other information including cash-back dividends, AgriBuy® Rewards, cash plus accounts, and funds held accounts. You can hover over any account to see additional information including product type, interest rate type and principal balance.
  • Account Access – This tool lets you manage your accounts, internally transfer funds, make payments to loans, advance funds from loans, and pay bills. You can also initiate wire transfers, order drafts, set various account alerts, initiate a stop payment request, and view, print and download account activity and billing statements.
  • Remote Deposit – Scan checks as payments to your line of credit from your home or office using your desktop check scanner.
  • Crop Insurance – Access MPCI, crop hail and supplemental policy details. View documents like crop provisions and county actuarial.
  • Financials – This tool lets you create a balance sheet or cash flow, examine up to a five-year trend in your business, and calculate what-if scenarios to see the impact of potential purchases. You can also view historical balance sheets and income statements previously provided.
  • Weather – Get current and forecast conditions for your location including precipitation, wind speed, soil temperature and more, customizable by zip code.
  • Markets – Check the latest market bids for a variety of commodities and see local cash bids, all customizable by commodity type and zip code.

Contact AgriPoint support at 1‑877‑348‑3810.

First successfully complete the initial login process for AgriPoint which includes, resetting your password, selecting your security questions and security image on one computer. From your second computer, enter your username and password, and you will be prompted to answer the security questions to validate your identity. Then select a Machine Activation option of either "activate once" (select this if you are on a public computer that others have access to) or "activate for future use" (select this if the machine is a private personal computer). Once that step is complete, you’ll be logged into AgriPoint on the second computer.



AgriPoint Customer Support

Phone: 877-348-3810

Available Monday - Friday, 7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. CT