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Don and Scott

Beef Producers
McFadden, WY
Customer since 1998



How we got started in agriculture

Don: I was born in Laramie and moved to McFadden when I was one month old. My dad worked in the oil field for 12 years and ranched on the side. In 1942, he was able to purchase a ranch. I worked as a water commissioner and then as the state hydrographer. I held that job for 30 years before I started ranching on the side with the help of my two sons.

Scott: My dad and I became partners in 1976. That was the same year my wife, April, and I got married and we bought our first tractor. She also grew up ranching and we’ve been involved in the operation together ever since.

Farm Credit knows agriculture

Scott: One thing I really like about working with Farm Credit is they know agriculture. They leave you to make your own decisions instead of making them for you. With the line of credit loan, if you need to do something now, you can. You don’t have to go meet with your lender and ask for the funds. We really like that flexibility.

Our vision for the future

Scott: We’re proud of the fact our ranch is four generations strong. We don’t put any pressure on the next generation to be involved because if their hearts are not in it, they won’t be successful. But we would like them to be a part of it if they that’s what they decide, so part of our goal is to make the operation available to future generations.

Advice to other producers

Scott: In agriculture, we need to be optimistic. You hear a lot about markets and regulations, and while we have those pressure, we all need to step up to the challenges. It makes a big difference if you’re putting in the time and effort rather than waiting for changes to happen, because agriculture is changing all the time.

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