Casey and Julia

Seed, Specialty Crop and Livestock Producer
Cowley, WY
Customer Since 2014

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How I got started in agriculture

I’ve been farming and ranching my whole life. I remember when I was just a little kid getting on the horse early in the morning to go move cows. About 10 years ago my wife and I went out on our own and we’ve been growing with Farm Credit ever since.

How our operation has changed

Our operation has changed quite a bit since we got started. We started out mainly as a cow-calf and hay operation and have since moved into some specialty crops with seeds. We grow alfalfa, mustard and bean seeds.

Why I work with Farm Credit

I work with Farm Credit and will continue to do so in the future because they have the best system for agriculture and for my operation both from a lending aspect and service aspect.

What I enjoy most about farming and ranching

What I enjoy most about farming and ranching is the variety. Depending on the season, you’re always doing something completely different from weaning calves in the fall, to planting in the spring, and I like the freedom that comes with it.

Advice to others getting started in agriculture

The advice I would give to others getting started is to keep working hard at it and don’t believe anybody that says you can’t make it in agriculture. With all the tools available today, your dreams are possible.

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