• Our offices are closed Thursday, July 4 in observance of Independence Day. No electronic transactions are processed on the holiday.

Social Media Guidelines

Farm Credit Services of America (FCSAmerica) is pleased to participate and engage with our stakeholders through a number of social media channels including blogging, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and others. To ensure a superior experience for all participants, please respect and adhere to the following guidelines:  

  • We ask that all users be transparent in their posting and disclose any relevant relationships or affiliations as appropriate.
  • Content posted by visitors on FCSAmerica channels does not reflect the positions or policies of FCSAmerica.
  • FCSAmerica reserves the right to remove or report any content deemed inappropriate, confidential or offensive and to block individuals or organizations that post said content.  To avoid having your content removed or reported:
    • Be conscientious about the content you are posting and avoid content that is off-topic, offensive, inaccurate, libelous or otherwise misleading.
    • Do not post or disclose any information that could be considered “internal use only,” confidential or in any other way classified, proprietary or “insider knowledge.” Examples include business plans, account information, financial information, and product research and development.
    • Comply with contractual agreements or any local, state or federal law.
    • Do not post advertising or spam (e.g., inappropriate or irrelevant referral links and links intended to drive traffic for monetary gain or the selling of products or services).
  • While we are eager to provide our customers with prompt, friendly and helpful service, our social media channels are not intended to serve as a customer service resource. If you need immediate assistance or for all other customer-related inquiries, please visit the Contact page of our website.
  • When visiting any of FCSAmerica’s social media channels, visitors will be subject to the Terms and Conditions of our privacy policy as well as the general terms of use for each specific channel.
  • View additional terms.
  • These user guidelines are subject to change by FCSAmerica without notice.

In addition, FCSAmerica urges all users of its corporate social media channels to remain vigilant about security and to keep the following in mind:

  • Electronic information. Think twice before entering confidential information on a computer at a public location, such as a library or internet cafe. Make sure your personal computer and smart phones are password protected. Avoid accessing your bank accounts at Internet cafes or from public Wi-Fi hotspots. Public Internet connections that you find in airports, hotels, coffee shops and Internet cafes typically do not have the level of security necessary to protect your sensitive financial information.
  • Email Security.  Email sent over the Internet can be intercepted by others. It also can be used to send damaging software that can infect your computer. Do not click on links from unknown sources. Think twice before sending confidential information (credit card numbers, Social Security Numbers, PINs) in an email. Do not open attachments from unknown sources.
  • Phishing.  Don't fall prey to fraudsters "phishing" to steal your personal and financial information. If unsure of any request you receive via email or telephone, contact the sender by calling them with a number you already have. Do NOT click on the link or open any attachment in an email you believe to be suspicious. Do NOT provide sensitive information as part of an unsolicited phone call.