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Ag Policy Update

Jim Wiesemeyer, a Washington Policy analyst, has covered elections ever since the Carter/Reagan election in 1980 when he interviewed both candidates. Since that election, he looks at key topics that help predict votes for the White House, Senate and House contests and what the outcomes will mean for the economy and ag policy issues including: farm and food, trade, energy, and taxes. Webinar recording is now available.


Jim Wiesemeyer
Washington Policy Analyst, Pro Farmer/Farm Journal

From his office near Washington, DC, Jim Wiesemeyer contributes daily to Pro Farmer’s online website at FarmJournalPro.com, providing members with the latest information on agricultural policy and trade developments. He also is a twice-weekly participant in Farm Journal’s Agri-Talk radio program and serves as a Washington analyst for Pro Farmer.

Since 1972, Mr. Wiesemeyer has frequently reported on and interviewed senior government officials, including Presidents Reagan and Carter, as well as USDA Secretaries since Earl Butz. He has traveled extensively in his assignments and is a frequent speaker on farm policy and trade issues. Wiesemeyer rejoined Pro Farmer in June this year, after serving as their Washington consultant for 19 years while at Informa Economics, and before that an employee of Pro Farmer, then owned by Oster Communications.

Mr. Wiesemeyer also is one of the writers for the Agriculture Letter, formerly the Kiplinger Ag Letter, now owned by Farm Journal Media. Mr. Wiesemeyer also was the Washington bureau chief for Futures World News (FWN), formerly owned by Oster Communications. Prior to Pro Farmer, he was a Washington editor with Doane's Agricultural Report and Washington editor and managing editor of the Washington Farmletter.

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