Risks and Rewards in the Dairy Industry Outlook for 2023 and Beyond

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Farm Credit Services of America (FCSAmerica) and Frontier Farm Credit co-sponsored a webinar with Ben Laine, senior dairy analyst, from Terrain™. The webinar recording from February 2 is available. Explore upcoming webinars.

Exports are critical for maintaining high milk prices, but geopolitical risk is elevated. On the domestic front, milk markets continue to evolve and there is potential for federal milk marketing order changes. What does all this mean for dairy producers? Laine discusses the long-term demand and demographic trends and the risk and rewards to watch for in a volatile export market.

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  • may-wasde

    Economic Updates

    May WASDE Projects Price Pressure

    The May 2024 WASDE provided the first projections of supply and demand for the new marketing year. If projections pan out, producers are looking at strong production for the 2024/25 marketing year, increased supply and lower prices for corn and soybeans.

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    Economic Updates

    Terrain | Delayed Marketing Bolsters Cattle Feeders' Bargaining Position

    As fed cattle are given time to recover from a harsh winter, the beef will move into a stronger spring grilling market.

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    Economic Updates

    Efficiencies on Farm, Ranch Key in Higher Rate Environment

    Economic data increasingly points to interest rates staying higher longer. Financial efficiency will be critical in the year ahead, and we step you through three ratios that will help you focus on the right areas of your farm or ranch.