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Why I chose agriculture

My dad, Bill, was farming when he started the company in 1954 by selling oats to other farmers. I’ve wanted to be in the business since I could barely walk. When I was four, I walked from home and crossed the highway to be at the seed plant. Dad spanked me when I got there, took me home, and mom spanked me when I got home. It did not deter my passion to want to work for the family business when I grew up.

Our greatest challenge

The rate of change in the seed business is fast. We’re continually working to improve products for farmers. We see our industry consolidating, and it’s tough to compete with the larger organizations selling seed. We are, however, finding creative ways to compete and thrive doing things big seed companies can’t or won’t do.

Our business approach

Our customers’ success will create our success. We plan sustainable growth thinking about decisions with a long-term perspective.

The future of our operation

We’re a global company and plan to continue to expand sustainably. We enjoy managing the business and we’re going to continue doing it.

What I enjoy about our business

I feel good about selling a product that helps the farmer, and we have something better every year. It’s fun to see the results of our work.

Why we work with FCSAmerica

Just like us, they are all ag. They understand the ups and downs and are large enough to take care of our needs and to structure finances for our business. We really like the perspective they bring and the ability to benchmark the ag economy climate. The people are very responsive and pro-active, and the behind-the-scenes people are just outstanding.

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