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Zach and Grace

Grain and Livestock Producers
Grinnell, IA
Customer since 2015



Why I chose a career in agriculture

I chose a career in agriculture because it’s in my blood. My great grandpa was a farmer, my grandpa was a farmer, and my dad was a farmer. I worked outside of agriculture for a few years after college, but I always had that calling to come back.

Our relationship with Farm Credit

My earliest memories of Farm Credit go back to my experiences riding along with my parents to deposit checks when I was growing up. Later, when I was wanting to get a land loan it made sense for me to work with them because my dad had worked with them before, and they had the best rates.

What keeps us working with Farm Credit

What keeps me working with Farm Credit is that they’re experts in their field. You’re not going to find loan officers or a team who knows more about agriculture and what’s happening on the farm than you are with Farm Credit.

Success in our operation

We went to the Side by Side Conference and Dr. David Kohl shared the advice ”better is better before bigger is better”. We really took that to heart and it’s something I think about a lot. Success doesn’t necessarily mean to farm the most acres but learning to make the acres we do farm the most profitable and productive as possible.

What I love about farming

Every day is an opportunity to get better at something whether it’s a better mechanic, better agronomist or a better financial manager. We’re the jack-of-all-trades and that’s what I love about farming.

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