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and Rachelle

Grain and Livestock Producers
Greeley, NE
Customer since 2015



How we got started in agriculture

Ted: I got started in agriculture in 2005 after graduating high school. My dad and my uncle were farming together, and my uncle had an accident and lost his life. That’s when I made the decision to stay home and farm.

Rachelle: My family’s farm is located about a half of a mile up the road from where Ted grew up. I grew up in town, so I wasn’t really a farm girl per se until I married Ted. It’s fun to raise our family on the farm and learn as I go.

Our relationship with Farm Credit

Ted: We knew our financial officer before we started working with Farm Credit and we really appreciated how local she was. We were searching for a lender that understood where we wanted our operation to go and their interest rates were very competitive.

They set us up with payments we can afford

Ted: Ten years ago we didn’t own any ground and we had the opportunity to purchase ground from Rachelle’s family. I don’t know that we would have been able to do that if we didn’t have Farm Credit to set us up with a low interest rate and payments that we could actually afford.

What we enjoy most about farming

Rachelle: What I enjoy about raising our family on the farm is being able to work side by side with my husband. There’s long nights and many hours but our kids see how hard he works to care for the animals and the land and its fun they get see that work ethic.

Ted: What I enjoy most about farming is working with my kids and my family. Every day they get to see what we do and understand what it is all about. We continue to grow our operation so that our kids can have this life.

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