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and Janet

Dairy and Grain Producers
Wolsey, SD
Customer since 2011


Why I chose agriculture

It’s all I’ve ever wanted to do – I’ve always enjoyed the management side of the dairy. It’s a way of life for our family. We started milking with just five cows in 1980, and have grown from there.

Our greatest challenge

It’s difficult to figure out the big picture and have a clear vision of what’s ahead. Acquiring more land to farm is not easy, and we’re always evaluating when and how to purchase needed big ticket items.

How I prepared myself for agricultural business

I’ve read and studied the industry. I’ve traveled to farm shows and visited other farms to learn from others. I have a passion for the dairy.

Our business approach

I want to be the second guy to adopt new ideas and technology, so it’s somewhat proven when we implement it. I do not want to be the guy to build a new dairy barn and then watch someone else milk in it.

How we know we’re heading in the right direction

It’s about a gut feeling for me. If I can sleep at night, we’re doing okay. I also gauge success by having my son, Lucas, want to join the operation.

The future of our operation

We want to continue to grow and stay as modern as money will allow.

What I enjoy about farming

I love being able to work with my family. In what other occupation can my granddaughters spend the day with me at work?

Why we work with FCSAmerica

We share a similar philosophy and, practically speaking, their interest rates are attractive. Our financial officer has a ‘let’s figure this out’ attitude. He wants to discuss new ideas with us and help us figure out how to grow. The customer service is outstanding. When we have papers that need to be signed, they bring them to us.

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