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and Mary

Grain and Forage Producers
Eagle, NE
Customer since 2005



How I got started in agriculture

(Marlan) We are involved in a farming operation that started four generations ago when my great-grandfather homesteaded here after emigrating from Denmark. I’ve been involved in the farm since 1969, when I was 12 years old. We are following the family tradition, and we have been lucky enough to continue to grow through the good and the adverse times.

Why we work with FCSAmerica

(Mary) We have a great working relationship with our FCSAmerica team. We consider our financial officer a partner in our farming operation. We have an open-door policy with him; we can always have a discussion with him on trends we should be watching. We are truly a partner in their business and they’re a partner in our business. They want to see us succeed. They’re so much more than a financial resource for us.

How our FCSAmerica team makes us better business managers

They understand agriculture and know what the ups and downs are all about. We have a family relationship with FCSAmerica. Our financial officers know the history of our farm, have watched my son grow up and know how I am bringing him into the operation.

How FCSAmerica fits into our business approach

(Marlan) Our financial officer makes me a better business person just from the standpoint of the information that he brings to the table that, in many cases, I would not have access to otherwise. He keeps me informed on a lot of the financial things that are occurring on the financial side of the industry. With margins getting thinner and thinner, we all need to stay abreast of the bigger financial picture so we can make the best financial decisions.

Our business approach

(Marlan) We like to plan ahead with expenditures and cash flow for the year, then keep our financial officer informed of that plan. We pretty much know any major purchases we’re going to make during a given year in January. We keep a close eye on it so we can inform our financial officer of any changes. We try to be proactive and know what are financing needs are going to be.

Technology’s role in our operation

(Mary) Marlan is one of the few farmers I know in his age bracket who uses a lot of digital technology, like an iPad and smartphone. He’s like many successful farmers using it to their advantage. And, FCSAmerica’s technology has been a tremendous benefit for us. It helps ease our workload on the financial side of our business.

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