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and Leann

Grain Producers
Manderson, WY
Customer since 2011



Why I chose agriculture

Growing up, I worked on our family farm. I’ve always had fun doing it and I like being outside as much as I can.

How I started in agriculture

I got started right after high school and worked with FCSAmerica to get a loan to buy a tractor. I just paid that off last year. That was a pretty good feeling. I bought that tractor myself and was going to start farming on my own, but we’ve decided to keep the family operation together. It’s tough to start out as a young farmer, but it’s still possible. You’ve just got to work hard and know what you’re doing.

Our farm’s transition

My dad is trying to slow down and let me take on more responsibility. We’re going through a similar change with our FCSAmerica financial officer right now, too. We’ve got a financial officer retiring and one who’s very young. It’s awesome for me, because dad and I are at a similar point. He’s got ideas like I do, and is very good with technology. We work together well.

Our approach to our farm’s future

We want to expand the acres we farm. That’s just the nature of agriculture. But, when we sit down and think about it, sometimes we could work a little less, do a better job and make a little more money at the end of the day. We set our goals, have faith, and believe in ourselves.

Attending Side by Side

To get young people where everybody’s at the same point in life, and striving for the same things, made it an event we were excited to attend. It was fun to be in a group where everybody’s thinking about the same issues.

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