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Brad and Kay

Grain and Beef Producers
Dallas, SD
Customer since 1975



How we got started

In 1975, Kay and I got married. Her parents owned a ranch, I lived in town and her dad needed help, so I came out and got started. It progressed into a bigger operation and at that time, I got my first loan from FCSAmerica to buy land.

Why we work with FCSAmerica

Their opinions and advice are very sound. They’re knowledgeable and very experienced. We take their opinions very seriously when making big decisions on our operation and their interest in our business is just tremendous.

My business approach

Over the years, we have progressed into a bigger operation. We’ve always had the good fortune of staying diversified, and that has helped us through some tough times. We’ve added land and I’ve raised a lot of stock cows. We try to take advantage of the right opportunities to grow and stay diversified.

The future of our operation

I think Bolton Ranch will still be here, will still be strong and it will be with FCSAmerica. We’ll be a bigger ranch and we will keep moving forward, partnered with a good financial institution.

Working with the next generation

It’s very fulfilling to be part of a multi-generation operation. As an established operator, I can always learn from the younger generation. They bring an energy that I don’t think I would have otherwise. I might be doing everything the same way I was 30 years ago if I didn’t have somebody always pushing me to think in new ways. Sometimes, those new ways are better, and it’s good to have the younger generation here to show me that.

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