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Protecting Your Mobile Security

The use of smartphones, tablets and laptops makes it easier than ever to stay connected and work on the go. However, mobile devices also come with their own security risks.

Up to 91% of cybercrime starts with an e-mail and users are three times more likely to respond to a phishing attack on a mobile device, according to a study by IBM (IBM Security).

Warning Signs

  • Keep an eye on your data usage. Data usage can spike if there is a virus running in the background.
  • An infection on your mobile device may cause it to run more slowly or your battery may drain more quickly than usual.
  • Have you noticed more pop-ups and intrusive ads? Be careful when downloading apps. Some are designed to introduce spyware or viruses. Do your homework before choosing and downloading an app. Your chances of downloading a malicious app are far lower when using official app stores.


  • Be careful when using public WiFi. Do not access sensitive information, such as your bank account, or send e-mails with personal information, including Social Security numbers, account numbers or passwords.
  • Install updates to your operating system as soon as they are available. Better yet, allow for automatic updates to ensure you’re protected.
  • Consider installing mobile security software for your device as an extra layer of protection.
  • Do not use public or free email services or cloud storage systems to retain sensitive emails/files indefinitely. They can become a target for compromise or unintended disclosures.

When you don’t have a system in place to manage your important accounts, you leave yourself and your business exposed to outside threats.


What to do if your security is breached

Contact your financial partners immediately. This increases the chances of recovering funds.

Change passwords and security questions/answers on all accounts that use the compromised password. Ensure the security questions are unique to you and known only by you or, when necessary, a few trusted individuals. Learn more about creating strong passwords to protect your online accounts.

Submit a police report. Many local authorities now have a cybercrime team that can investigate locally, as well as share information with the FBI and/or Homeland Security.

Contact your cybersecurity insurance carrier if you have one.


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