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Land for Sale: How to Find Agricultural Real Estate

Access to available farm land can be a major obstacle to expanding an operation. As a limited resource,  agricultural real estate is in high demand among those who can afford it. Not only are you competing with other farmers and ranchers, you may also be bidding against outside investors and absentee landowners.

So how do you find farmland to buy? Where can you start looking when it’s time to expand your ranch? This article highlights some of the resources at your disposal.

Online Resources

The Internet is often a great place to start your search. There are a number of online search tools for locating land for sale.

The web links below allow you to quickly and easily find land for sale in your area. Most give you several options to filter your search, including by price, state and acres. Like other online real estate platforms, these sites are excellent resources for learning more about the land you are looking into.

Local Resources

It’s worthwhile to establish relationships with local real estate agents and auctioneers. These experts have extensive knowledge of properties currently or soon-to-be on the market. They also might be able to identify sales that are a good fit for your operation.

Your lender often has a good understanding of the local market and keeps up-to-date on land values and upcoming sales. One of the benefits of working with Farm Credit is our experience and insights specific to the agricultural industry. Our ag land experts can help you think through some of the additional variables that come with buying farmland and help you understand how the purchase fits within your total operation.

Finally, your neighbors and fellow farmers and ranchers are good resources. Knowing and talking to people in the community might point you to unlisted sales or to people who are considering selling their land. Being proactive can help give you an advantage in the increasingly competitive land market.


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