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Cybersecurity Awareness: Top Ten Tips to Keep You and Your Operation Safe

Protecting your personal information is a priority at Farm Credit Services of America. This includes sharing tips and educational resources that will keep all of us safer online.

laptop with lock

Keep your operating systems up to date.

virus scan with check

Use an antivirus program.

Person on headset

Do not give out personal information over the phone or in e-mail.


Use a strong and unique password for each account.

window with link

Be suspicious of unknown links sent through e-mail or text message.

man with shield

Verify authenticity of requests from companies or individuals by contacting them directly.


Back up your data using external hard drives/flash drives or a cloud service.

wifi on phone

Be careful when connecting to public WiFi on mobile devices.

Email with lock

Don’t open or download unknown attachments in e-mail.

social network

Be careful about what information you share online and via social networks.


The Business of Agriculture

Farm Loans: How They Work

Learn how Farm Credit agricultural loans and leases work including down payments, interest rates, how to qualify and more.

The Business of Agriculture

Expanding Your Farm - Renting vs. Buying

Understanding your CRE provide some of the important information you need before making a final decision.

The Business of Agriculture

Password Practices Have Power to Protect

When you don’t have a system in place to manage your important accounts, you leave yourself and your business exposed to outside threats.

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