An educational meeting featuring forecasts, information and insights to help producers plan and reduce risk for the upcoming crop year.

Making The Most Of The Year Ahead.

Insights – Tools – Strategies

Thank you for your interest. GrowingOn® 2021 has concluded. Below are recordings of the presentations and an interactive learning module.

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Interactive Course

The course features the top takeaways from the following presentations:
  • Navigating the Black Swan: Your Business, Family and Personal Life with Dr. David Kohl
  • Improving Your Crop Price Risk Management Skills with Dr. Steve Johnson
  • Making Sense of the Ag Economy and Preparing for Success in 2021 with Dr. Brent Gloy
  • U.S. Meat, Poultry and COVID-19: Now What? with Dr. Steve Meyer
  • Where Do We Go from Here? The Farm Economy in 2021 with David Widmar

Recorded Presentations

Over the past decade, good crop price risk managers have improved their crop marketing decisions in an era of tight profit margins. And while the basics of pricing commodities have not really changed, the emotions of making crop marketing decisions have. Dr. Johnson highlighted 10 steps to effectively manage crop price risk in your operation.

From rapidly changing commodity markets to a wildly fluctuating national economy, 2020 has been a year of tremendous uncertainty. Against this background we must prepare for 2021. Dr. Gloy helped make sense of this uncertainty and provided insights to help drive better business decisions and strategies.

It is tempting to push the challenges of 2020 behind us, but the implications on global economies, the farm economy, and our own decision making will be felt for years to come. Mr. David Widmar discussed the uncertainties heading into 2021, reviewed lessons learned and shared strategies for success in 2021.

U.S. meat and poultry sectors have been pushed in directions no one had ever considered. The U.S. and world economies may have yet to feel the full brunt of the outbreak. How will American producers and companies react and what might their economic prospects be? Dr. Meyer offered insights and opinions on what the future holds.

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