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What Weather is in Store This Year?

Winter is here. It may not be the season when you think a lot about weather, but it certainly can affect markets – and possibly your production. Eric Snodgrass, principal meteorologist for Agrible, will share his insights into the weather in South America and the coming season in North America at the Iowa GrowingOn® meetings hosted in January by Farm Credit Services of America.

South American producers planted on time with few issues, and the so-called Modoki El Niño (warm water in the Pacific Ocean that doesn’t extend into the area west of South America) is bringing adequate to ample rain to parts of the corn and soybean growing areas in Argentina and Brazil. 

In the United States, a number of big-picture influences are at play, Snodgrass says. Much of the country will experience a winter on the dry side. However, as various factors exert their influences, moisture and cold temperatures will flex into sections of the country. In the already wet Southeast and Gulf states, precipitation will continue through the winter.

To hear Snodgrass’s presentation with more regional detail, attend one of the free GrowingOn meetings in Iowa, beginning January 3 and running throughout January 22. Registration is required; click here.


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