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WorkSmartsm Line of Credit

Easily, the smartest line of credit for the business of agriculture.

There’s never been a line of credit like WorkSmartsm. Specifically built for farmers and ranchers, WorkSmart includes money-saving benefits and time-saving features you’ll find nowhere else.

All your money works for you.

    Money is drawn directly from your line of credit.
    You don’t have to transfer money from one account to another before you write a draft, wire funds, or use your AgriBuy® Rewards Mastercard® to access your line of credit. No interest is charged until you actually use the money you need.
    Interest is charged only on the exact amount you use.
    There is no minimum draw amount, such as a $1,000 increment, for example.

    Payments and third-party checks are applied directly to your line of credit.
    There is no need to transfer funds from one account to another – saving extra steps, extra time and added interest. In fact, if you apply a check as payment by 3 p.m. (Central Time), your payment is credited that day and interest on that amount stops accruing. You don’t continue to pay interest “until the check clears.”

AgriBuy® Rewards Mastercard®

AgriBuy_Rewards_CardThe ultimate in flexibility and access to your operating line of credit, the AgriBuy Rewards business card can help you capture additional savings on your line of credit.

  • Get 1% cash back on all purchases.
    Every time you make a purchase with your AgriBuy Rewards business card, you’ll earn a 1% reward that is returned to you each November.
  • Provides convenient access for line of credit purchases.
    Use wherever Mastercard® is accepted – at retailers, online or by phone.*
  • Use the card to make purchases from your line of credit, at your line of credit interest rate.
    No worries about card payments or late-payment fees. Interest starts only when the transaction actually posts to your loan account.

Management options that work for you.

Manage your line of credit anytime, anywhere, with online and mobile access.

    Access your line of credit online.
    View balances and transaction histories, transfer funds within your accounts, make payments and more through AgriPoint® or FCSAmerica® Mobile.
    Online tools help you analyze the financial health of your business.
    Create balance sheets, see historical trends in your financials, calculate breakevens, create “what-if” scenarios, track sales, align marketing with your crop insurance plan and more.

Remote Deposit saves time and money.

    Fast, convenient and efficient.
    Scan and apply checks, including third-party checks, from your home computer, smartphone or tablet – anytime, anywhere and without maximum limits – directly into your WorkSmart line of credit.
    Every check sent by Remote Deposit saves money.
    Applying checks by Remote Deposit can save days over mailing and hand-delivery – minimizing time and interest expense.

Mission-driven vs. profit-driven. All lines of credit are not created equal.

You can’t judge a line of credit by its interest rate. WorkSmart delivers more – and saves more – than any other operating loan or line of credit for agriculture.

    Cash-back dividends represent a unique benefit.
    As a member of a customer-owned cooperative, you are eligible to receive a portion of our earnings in the form of a cash-back dividend. We’ve paid back more than $1 billion in cash-back dividends to our customer-owners since 2004.**
    WorkSmart ends many of the added charges common with other operating loans and lines of credit.
    Interest accrues only on the amount you use. No transaction or annual renewal fees here.

Let’s do the math.

WorkSmart includes money-saving benefits, unique features and management tools that make your money work smarter for you.



Line of credit: $375,000
Average outstanding balance: $259,000

  WorkSmart Advantage
    $1,864 (0.72% cash-back dividends x $259,000)  
    $1,250 (1.0% AgriBuy Rewards cash back x $125,000 in estimated purchases)  
    $700 (average 70 checks per year processed faster via Remote Deposit x average interest savings of $10 per check)  
    $3,814 potential annual savings

  Cash-back dividends averaged 0.72% over the past 14 years. Remote Deposit savings reflect average FCSAmerica customer savings.


See for yourself.



Potential Annual Savings



Attractive rates, flexible terms and interest accrual only on funds used.

Discover a variety of rate and payment options.

Fixed Rate
  • Choice of revolving or non-revolving operating line of credit.
  • Payment plans designed around your cash flow expectations.
Variable Rate
  • Choice of revolving or non-revolving operating line of credit.
  • Rate based on either market index (Prime or LIBOR) or administered index rates determined by FCSAmerica.

Convenient rate and term options.

Conversion and payment options offer flexibility.

  • If your financial needs change, you can convert your variable-rate loan to a fixed-rate loan.
  • Interest rate “buy-down” option can reduce your payments. Pay a fee at closing in exchange for an interest rate reduction.
  • Flexible payment options to fit your cash flow needs. Interest-only loans with monthly statements and annual interest give you more marketing flexibility. Choose the date you want to pay your annual interest based on your needs.

Farm Credit Services of America is dedicated to serving the agricultural credit, risk management and financial needs of farmers and ranchers in Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota and Wyoming. For areas outside of our chartered territory, visit to locate an association near you.

Contact your Farm Credit Services of America office to learn more, or call 800-884-FARM,
locate your local office or fill out the form below:


Loans subject to credit approval.
*The AgriBuy® Rewards business card is offered through AgriBank and cannot be used for cash advance or ATM transactions. Purchases are limited to U.S. and Canada retailers only. Other restrictions may apply. Mastercard is a registered trademark, and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated.
**Cash-back dividends are based on eligible loan volume and FCSAmerica financial results.

Terms apply; click for details.

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