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Magnify® helps producer position ranch for profit.

Magnify® helps couple streamline decision-making by delivering business insights.

Fourth generation rancher, JR Wasserburger, understands the importance of focusing on profit to maintain his family’s multi-generation cattle operation.

After attending Ranching for Profit School, he was determined to move beyond a simple recordkeeping system into a managerial approach. That’s when he learned about Magnify®, a financial management program designed to deliver better business insights and planning options.

From developing a business plan to identifying profit drivers, JR shares how Magnify has made a big impact in his family’s ranching operation since piloting the program in 2017.

Real-time decision making

Prior to using Magnify, we were keeping our records in QuickBooks. Once a year, Dad would do a rough estimate and then we rarely looked at it again. It took some time to get everything entered into Magnify, but now our records are always up-to-date and there is no lag for data entry.

Recently, we were offered an opportunity to buy a pen of calves and the seller needed an immediate answer. Because our cash flow was up to date, I was able to look at our records via my phone and tell him in less than two minutes the amount we had available.

Better marketing insights

All of my life we have raised our own replacement heifers. Magnify gave us the ability to look at what it actually costs to raise a heifer. We found that it cost us as much or more than buying a 2- to 4-year-old bred heifer or cow. In 2018, we kept the top end of our heifer calves, like always. Instead of breeding them they will be sold.

Life is simpler at tax time

At tax time there is no scrambling for information. It’s all right there. On January 6th, all of our transactions were reconciled. All we had to do was give our accountant access to Magnify and wait to review the forms.

Turning loss into profit

After several tough years we decided to refinance. Magnify’s production budget and reports showed we had turned a loss into a surplus. Our loan officer was able to take the reports to underwriting and we didn’t have to fill out any old forms. There were no calls back and forth. It took less than an hour for underwriting to okay the loan.

Moving value instead of money

We look forward to using Magnify to look at specific costs across our livestock operation. Our cow herd is profitable, but it’s not necessarily based on yearling sales. We want to be able to calculate the unit-cost of production in livestock similar to the way you can allocate costs to each field. Good financial management is about moving value, not money, around.

Pulling together as a team

Our land was homesteaded in 1886, and we’d like to keep it in the family. My son will be the fifth generation on the ranch. I partly credit Magnify for making that possible. It opened the door to discussions we wouldn’t have otherwise had. It helped pull us together as a team.

What is Magnify?

Every producer has questions, like, "What is my breakeven on corn?" "What happens if I expand the herd?" Or, "How much can I afford for cash rent?"

These and other financial questions can now be answered with Magnify, the revolutionary ag management tool from FCSAmerica that translates data from your ag business into a variety of management reports, revealing business insights and planning options that can help better manage your operation.

Key Features

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Built Specifically for Farmers and Ranchers


Simplified Accounting for Managing Your Operation

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Production Tracking and "What‑if" Analysis

Bulls Eye 

Real-time Financial Reporting

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