Cash Management

Streamline your operation with our value-added cash management tools.




FCSAmerica drafts offer a convenient option for purchases and payments from your WorkSmart® operating line of credit. Drafts flow through the banking system like a check, but draw from your operating line. You can use drafts to deposit funds into your commercial bank checking account.

Automated Clearing House 

ACH (Automated Clearing House)

You can accept automatic payments to your WorkSmart operating line of credit as well as make (ACH) pre-authorized payments electronically without writing a draft. Payments can be non-recurring, recurring, automatic or single-occurrence.

Rewards Mastercard 

AgriBuy® Rewards Mastercard®

The AgriBuy® Rewards Mastercard® delivers convenient access to your WorkSmart operating line of credit — plus 1% cash-back rewards. Use it wherever Mastercard is accepted. Transactions are posted daily to your account.

Daily limits up to $75,000. Additional cards can be assigned to non-liable parties. And because the AgriBuy Rewards business card is tied to your WorkSmart operating line of credit, balances swept to your operating line may also be eligible for cash-back dividends.



ACH payroll services let you set up automatic payments to pay your employees.*


Bill Pay

Use your WorkSmart operating line of credit to pay your bills online.

Cash plus 


If you have a WorkSmart operating line of credit with us and occasionally have a zero balance, CashPlus is a great product to maximize the return on your cash. Money credited into CashPlus is applied first to the outstanding principal on your operating line. Once you have a zero balance, any excess funds draw interest that is not subject to state or local income taxes.

CashPlus benefits are available even if you don’t have an operating line with us — you just need an active loan of some type with us. There are no minimum or maximum amount restrictions on CashPlus.

mobile deposit 

Remote Deposit

Once enrolled in AgriPoint®, with Remote Deposit, you can scan or photograph checks from any location for anytime payments to your WorkSmart operating line of credit. No maximum limits and third-party checks, such as grain or livestock sale payments, are accepted.

You can view your deposit history and access activity reports, too. Start saving time and interest today.

wire transfers 

Wire Transfers

Send and receive domestic and international wires to other financial institutions from your FCSAmerica WorkSmart operating line of credit.*

fraud protection 

Fraud Protection

Positive Pay and ACH Positive Pay can dramatically reduce the possibility of draft or ACH debit fraud.* The automated controls are a dependable and efficient way to verify all drafts and debits, protect against loss or theft, prevent payments for duplicate transactions, provide daily “exception” reports and more.

"It makes life pretty easy. I can just hop online and make a quick transaction."

Chris & Jenna

Grain & Turkey Producers, Iowa

Chris & Jenna

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