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Director Candidate Profile - Race 4
4-Year Term

Robert Metz

Robert Metz
Peever, SD

Birth Year: 1957

Business Experience: Fifth generation family farming operation producing corn and soybeans with our two sons and a son-in-law

FCSAmerica Business Relationships with Family Members: Karen Metz, my wife, and Metz Farms Inc., family farming operation with my wife

Education: Associate degree in Industrial Hydraulics from Granite Falls Technical College, and attended training sponsored by Farm Bureau and the United Soybean Association on board leadership, public speaking and media relations

Current Boards: Audit and Evaluation Committee member for the National Soybean Check-off Board, United Soybean Board member, Northern Growers Ethanol Board president and POET Biorefining–Big Stone Board member

Candidate Description of Business Knowledge and/or Education in the Following Areas:

Strategic Planning: I had the opportunity to serve on strategic planning committees for several organizations. Serving in leadership roles while helping start two international organizations took great team work and planning to be successful. I was part of a small group of dedicated farmers, ranchers and business people who had the vision to build an ethanol plant that has more than doubled its production since inception.

Corporate Governance/Organizational Leadership: I have leadership experience serving as president of the National Biodiesal Board and the American Soybean Board representing these organizations internationally. Being part of several teams who have started local and international organizations has given me great insight in corporate governance. I believe as long as everyone has had an opportunity to speak and share their point of view, a good conclusion can be reached that everyone can support.

Financial Reporting: I have served on our ethanol plant’s audit committee for many years and as a member of the Audit and Evaluation Committee for the National Soybean Check-off Board. We maintain excellent records for our farm. I believe that hiring the best accountants and consultants for our farm and the boards I have served on has provided reliable financial reporting.

Business Technology: We have always embraced new technologies to make better farming decisions. Our farm has many years of yield maps, soil samples and variable rate planting and nutrient management. We use RTK satellite navigation on our farm allowing us to install tile within half inch accuracy.

Risk Management: Our farm has used several types of risk management to remain profitable. We follow several consultants and we share marketing plans with a trusted group of farmer friends. We have invested in several ethanol and soybean crushing plants around the United States to spread out our financial risks. Investing in grain storage on our farm for our entire crop allows more marketing options.

Human Resource Management: We have always had full- and part-time employees on our farm. Our employees are a key part of our team and we strive to treat them with respect and encourage them to give input to make the farm successful. I have served on several boards and been involved in several chief executive and key employee searches. A well-educated board is crucial to make very tough decisions for the good of the organization.