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Director Candidate Profile - Race 3
4-Year Term

Tom Farwell

Tom Farwell
Humboldt, NE

Birth Year: 1948

Business Experience: I use a no-till cropping rotation of corn, soybeans, wheat and brome hay. An Angus cow-calf herd supplies feeders and additional feeders are purchased for finishing.

FCSAmerica Business Relationships with Family Members: Jeane Farwell, my spouse

Education: Attended University of Nebraska with a major in general agriculture

Current Boards: Humboldt United Methodist Church Council and president of the Nebraska Gideon’s Southeast Camp

Candidate Description of Business Knowledge and/or Education in the Following Areas:

Strategic Planning: Strategic planning includes an evaluation of opportunities for profitability in the production of farm products and markets. With livestock and grain, use of the futures markets, forward pricing of grain and insurance against loss are some of the factors incorporated in our business. Using strategic planning, the economic growth of a business can be evaluated and maintained.

Corporate Governance/Organizational Leadership: In my experience, organizational leadership requires a person to develop “people” relationships within the business. When you know the goals and objectives of the business and discuss the positives and negatives of these ideas you have all parties work together for a common goal. Leadership in these areas has helped me on the FCSAmerica Nominating Committee in the past and with the Natural Resource District working against the Environmental Protection Agency’s “WOTUS” ruling.

Financial Reporting: I prepare the financial reports for our cropping and livestock evaluation. While done on a yearly basis, accurate financial records are needed for good decision making. In financial reports, real estate valuations must remain at the price paid, thus allowing the business to see real increases or decreases in growth.

Business Technology: In these changing times technology has improved the rate at which we can see advancements in certain areas, or added challenges in other areas. GPS mapping, iPads, cell phones, weather radar enhancements, computerized recordkeeping and machinery are some of the advancements I use in our operations.

Risk Management: Risk management is the most important factor for a farming operation to be a profitable enterprise with marketing and weather volatility being the most crucial factors. I monitor forward cash sales of grain and livestock, the on-farm storage of grain and seed, the appropriate insurance coverage, and changing herd health practices.

Human Resource Management: I manage the payroll operation and reporting requirements for employees including our grandson and part-time help during planting and harvest. I have tried to lead by example when training an employee and being complimentary on a job well done. When a person enjoys what they do as an occupation and feels valued for what they contribute, they are a valuable asset to the business.