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Director Candidate Profile - Race 2
4-Year Term

Robert Bruxvoort

Robert Bruxvoort
New Sharon, IA

Birth Year: 1954

Business Experience: Family farming operation producing corn and soybeans, and a custom hog finishing business

FCSAmerica Business Relationships with Family Members: Bruxvoort Ag Inc, family farming operation with Debra Bruxvoort (spouse); Madison Pork L.L.C., contract hog finishing business with my spouse, Rob and Leah Bruxvoort (son and daughter-in-law), and Matt Vander Linden (nephew); and land ownership with my spouse, son, daughter-in-law and nephew listed above, and sisters- and brothers-in-law, Linda and Larry Vander Molen, Janice and John Vander Linden, and Douglas and Barbara Vande Voort

Education: Iowa State University Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Mechanization and Certified Director in the Farm Credit System Premier Governance Series (PGS)

Current Boards: FCSAmerica Director

Candidate Description of Business Knowledge and/or Education in the Following Areas:

Strategic Planning: Short and long-term planning is necessary for FCSAmerica to continue to provide quality products and services to its farmer and rancher owners. The Board along with senior management is actively involved in an annual planning process. I have received strategic planning training and been involved with planning for FCSAmerica and other organizations.

Corporate Governance/Organizational Leadership: Leadership is key to the success of an enterprise and leadership development is vital for future success. I have held a variety of leadership positions, from president of my 4-H Club to chairman of the FCSAmerica Board. I have been chair of the FCSAmerica Governance Committee and am currently chair of the FCSAmerica Business Risk Committee.

Financial Reporting: Integrity and honesty in financial reporting is critical to maintain the trust of the Association’s customer-stockholders, the funding agency, bond holders and the Farm Credit System’s regulator. Accurate financial reports are the foundation of sound management for any business entity, including FCSAmerica. In my own farming operation, I prepare and maintain the financial records.

Business Technology: Technology supports much of what we do in our farming operation. Computerized crop and financial recordkeeping, online banking, and web-based information sources assist with farm management. GPS, grid-mapping, variable-rate fertilization and Auto-Steer support our crop production. Mobile devices help us communicate more efficiently with co-workers, vendors and suppliers.

Risk Management: Production agriculture and providing financial services to agriculture carry inherent risks. The key for both is identifying what your risks are and then successfully managing those risks. I currently serve as chair of the FCSAmerica Business Risk Committee where an annual assessment of business risks is evaluated. As a producer, I use various methods to manage risks, such as cost analysis, marketing plans, and crop insurance.

Human Resource Management: Although FCSAmerica is a financial entity, its real business is about people and relationships. Employees are its primary asset and FCSAmerica must provide them with the environment and the tools they need to come alongside their customers in helping them to be successful. I have received training in this area through the PGS Human Capital module. I had the privilege to serve on the 2017 search committee for FCSAmerica’s president and chief executive officer.