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Director Candidate Profile - Race 1
4-Year Term

Susan Voss, CPA

Susan Voss, CPA
North English, IA

Birth Year: 1964

Business Experience: Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with TD&T CPAs and Advisors, PC with over 30 years specializing in Agriculture and our own farming operation

FCSAmerica Business Relationships with Family Members: Robert J. Voss, husband and BS Farms, Inc., wholly owned farm corporation

Education: Bachelor of Arts degree in Accounting from University of Northern Iowa, CPA licensed to practice in Iowa, and nearing completion of the Farm Credit System Premier Governance Series certification

Current Boards: FCSAmerica Director

Candidate Description of Business Knowledge and/or Education in the Following Areas:

Strategic Planning: I have been active in the FCSAmerica Strategic Planning process. This is not a new concept to me. Planning, setting goals, giving vision to the future as well as implementation of those plans is important to our farm operation, my firm, and the Boards and clients I have had the honor to work with. My background in agriculture encompasses many strategic planning sessions and implementation plans designed to accomplish goals in a meaningful way for those I serve as a Board member and professional, as well as my family and community.

Corporate Governance/Organizational Leadership: I have training and experience in each of these areas. I am Vice President of our family farm corporation and have been Vice President and Executive Committee member of a Top 300 CPA firm. I have one year experience on the FCSAmerica Governance Committee and have gained an understanding of its roles and responsibilities. I have witnessed the structure of FCSAmerica’s leadership team in action and appreciate their commitment to their roles.

Financial Reporting: This is a natural fit given my experience as a CPA. I was an Audit Partner for many years. I am confident and enjoy the challenge of unraveling the information provided with good financial reporting and am comfortable digesting the financial strength of the Association. This skill-set helps me contribute to decisions made to assure the safety and soundness of FCSAmerica.

Business Technology: I consider myself to be technologically savvy. Each of the roles I play, farmer, CPA and Board member, require that I am able to use technology effectively and efficiently. I embrace the data that is available due to developing and advancing technology and the part FCSAmerica plays in the Farm Credit System as a whole. Because of these skills and the related financial reporting skills, I have had the opportunity to have input into the groundbreaking mAGnifySM product rolling out this winter. I am a user and supporter.

Risk Management: My knowledge, experience and training support my understanding of how FCSAmerica evaluates and addresses risk. I understand why other Associations desire to share the tools our Association has mastered. I’ve held positions on other Boards, participated with client and volunteer Boards as a professional and with farm families to help determine ways to help mitigate risk in their agribusinesses, organizations and family operations.

Human Resource Management: I have had training and experience in this area in my role as a CPA as well as an FCSAmerica Board member and serving on other Boards. I understand we are only as good as the people that represent us. We must be competitive in the market to hire and retain team members that fit the culture while considering cost and continually growing our pipeline of developing leaders. This is my third year as a member of the FCSAmerica Human Capital Committee. During this past year the committee and the Board participated in the transition of one FCSAmerica President and Chief Executive Officer and the hiring process for the next. This was both challenging and rewarding.